Winter Park Resort

Are you planning to visit the ski resort? Come and visit the ski resort at Winter Park. With many modifications in the base area and mountains infrastructure, it is a great place for a picnic. Winter Park Resort consists of three mountain peaks and seven territories. Winter Park Resort features an arrow chairlift and alpine slides, miniature golf, numerous stashes, a climbing wall, and other diversions for extreme enjoyment. Experience the most expensive lift access to mountain biking trails. Winter Park Resort is an excellent ski vacation destination for family and friends. There are many sports programs, ice skating, snowshoeing, restaurants, free bus services, and beautiful fall colors filling out the year’s itineraries. Visit Winter Park Resort by passenger train, the Winter Park Express, for more fun and enjoyment.


Mary Jane Territory

Mary Jane was opened in 1975 and it has a separate base area. Mary Jane is most popular for its moguls, trees skiing, hidden huts. There is the most difficult terrain to explore and the location offer mountain-style tailgating, galloping goose for kids for their runs.

Vasquez Ridge

Vasquez Ridge offers intermediate terrain and mogul runs along with plenty of skiing areas. It features powder stashes on the mountain, advanced terrain, hidden pockets of untouched snow to explore. Experience the solo run-down sun dance, and view of the Cirque on a bluebird day. Enjoy finding some hidden freshness at Vasquez Ridge.

Winter Park Resort’s Winter Tour

The resort is famous for its spectacular scenery, picnic, and local adventure. There are opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, dog sled, and cart rides to enjoy. Experience the unforgettable moment by sleigh ride, indoor fun, backcountry, and scenic adventures. There are several disabled programs and biking trails in winter.


  1. Winter Park Resort is recognized as the number one Ski Resort in North America in 2019.
  2. The Resort has more than 3000 acres of skiable area and 317.5 inches of snowfall.



Winter Park Resort is the perfect place to visit. It offers a skiable area, Mary Jane Territories, and different tails for all kinds of hikers with different levels of difficulty. Enjoy alpine slides, gondola, outdoor concerts events, great views, beautiful slopes, restaurants, shops, great lodging at the resort. It offers skiing, snowboarding, lifts, and mountain biking to visitors.


What to Expect

Winter Park Resort is a place where everyone feels welcome. You can experience the skiable area, mountain biking, alpine slides with several summer festivals. You can also enjoy beer, food, music, photography at the resort. Explore the world-class terrain and seven territories, skiing, snowshoeing, and lifts for visitors.


Plan your Visit

Winter Park Resort is a year-round resort. The best timings to enter are from 10 am to 5 pm. Enjoy biking, hiking, and sightseeing. The perfect destination to ski with many options for all skill levels to have a great time. Make sure you purchase the tickets online if you want to indulge in the activities.

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