Boot Hill Museum

The Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas, USA, is an American history museum that preserves the history of the Old West. Here you can see more than 20,000 artifacts, where more than 200 guns are preserved. In addition to educational and historical items, the museum also provides Saloon shows and simulated Giftlight entertainment to the visiting visitors. Plan a visit to see the Cowboy Hall of Fame at the museum.


Events of Boot Hill Museum

You get to see many events in this amazing museum. This place is a good fit for organizing reception, wedding, meeting, birthday party, business conference, and banquet planning event. To make the events extra special to the visitors, it offers a variety of catering services and various accommodation options.

Exhibition of this museum

 Lively interactive exhibits and displays of thousands of original artworks and photographs are included here that will delight and amaze you. Built on the original site of the Boot Heel Cemetery, this Boot Hill Museum is one of the favorite places to visit in the Church, Salon, and Prison. Enjoy hiking and the natural environment on the boardwalk in the museum’s outdoor area. You must come here to experience the unique entertainment of interactive displays that are available throughout the year.

Collections of museum

You can see the collection of more than 60,000 objects, documents, and photographs at the Boot Hill Museum. As a popular destination for tourists, this museum also marks the area of the Bison Museum which offers very exciting excursions. To enjoy the exhibits in this museum, watch the gun battle in the evening, in which shots are fired. In the summer season, come to enjoy the long branch variety show and dinner in the evening hours.


  • Gunfights take place during the summer from noon to evening, from Labor Day to Memorial Day.
  • Dodge City started the Boot Heel Museum in 1947 as a community service project.

Activities:- While visiting this Boot Hill Museum in Kansas, you get a chance to see the preserved history of the Old West through exhibits, entertainment, and education about its rich heritage which is quite exciting. Annual events include Cowpoke camping, Dodge City Days, and the old-fashioned Fourth of July. One can buy several gift items to commemorate the trip, including a Bag of Rocks, Bull Mount Puzzle, Nawazi Pearl and Jasper, Necklace, and pack of sarsaparilla.

What to expect:-A great option is to visit the Boot Heel Museum to save and share stories to make your trip a memorable one. Enjoy the glory days of Cowtown with lively, creative, activities, and interactive displays at this museum that’s fun for the whole family. Enjoy gunfights, children’s activities, long branch variety, and country-style dinners during the summer months.

Plan to visit:-Be sure to visit this museum full of fun and excitement with your family, friends, and kids. It is open for its guests for 12 months of the year. From Monday to Saturday it is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Sundays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Entry fees are $10 for children ages 5 to 11, free for those 4 and under, $14 for retirees, and $16 for adults.

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