Southwest-Oklahoma-Lake Texoma- Eisenhower State Park

Adventure awaits you on your next tour. Get ready to indulge in the activities on the shore of a water body and collect some enjoyable moments with the best views of the lake. Eisenhower State Park spread over 1,785 acres is located on the shores of Lake Texas where you can feel the adventure in a new way




Park is known for several varieties of wildflowers and plants. Around 1000 acres area is filled with tall tall grass prairie, 440 acres with woodland. You can witness several types of trees here like soapberry, oak, ash, elm, cedar, dogwood, cottonwood, and locust.


It also includes the wildlife in which the famous mammals at this park include bat, skunk, beaver, coyote, deer, opossum, fox, mink, nutria, raccoon, and squirrel. The park offers you an opportunity to observe various birds and a complete range of recreational facilities.


This truly is a great place to come and spend some days. Activities from swimming, fishing, hiking, to shopping in the gift shop will make you forget your worries and adore some present moments here.



  1. Walkthrough the Trails: For hiking and adventure lover there are three nature trails in the Eisenhower State Park. These trails are named Chinquapin Ridge ATV Trail, Ike’s Hike and Bike Trail, and Armadillo Hill Trail. Active walker should go Chinquapin Ridge ATV Trail that will take around an hour with a moderate level of difficulty and Ike’s Hike and Bike Trail that takes 4 hours and offer a moderate level of difficulty. Those who do not have much energy to walk can enjoy the Armadillo Hill Trail that is very easy to walk in half an hour.
  1. Campsites: Eisenhower State Park boasts over 160 campsites with some of them offering electric, water, and shower house facilities. Non-utility sites offer primitive camping in Five-Star, Sailboat Beach, and Omaha Swim Beach. On the other hand, 15 Equestrian Campsites that provide electric/water facilities are available in the Westpoint Campground on the cliffs overlooking the lake. These sites are full of trails and a planet of natural views. If you get a chance chose 190 campsites from where you can get the lake view without any interruption of trees. To reach the shoreline you have to walk through the trails.


  1. Fishing Piers: There are two fishing piers at the Eisenhower State Park. One is located in the northern area of the park situated in the Forrest Ridge Camping area to which you have to walk down from the trails. If you don’t want to walk go to another pier that offers a direct fishing opportunity with lots of space.



  1. This park is named after 34th U.S. president, Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Plan your visit: Plan your visit on any day as it is open daily from 8 am to 10 pm. You need to reserve the tickets and day passes online.


Activities: Eisenhower State Park has a primitive area for camping where you can stay up to for 14 consecutive days. Other activities available at this place for family recreation include swimming, picnicking, fishing, and horse riding.


What to Expect: This Park is a complete family place to come and enjoy. You can come here to observe wildlife, sit in the beach area, trail walk, and a lot more. At the park, the WIFI is also available free of cost. There is a parking area facility for the visitors where you can park your vehicle.


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