Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Are you searching for a unique memorial place to make your vacation special? Visit a unique Oahu’s magnificent memorial in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor National Memorial. The Memorial is the best place for museums and history lovers and access to each separate historic site. This is a beautiful and truly thoughtful place for a tribute to the sailors who were buried here. Pearl Harbor National Memorial pays respect to the monumental moment that changed two nations. Pearl Harbor National Monument includes USS Battleship Memorial, USS Arizona Memorial, USS Utah, USS Oklahoma, USS Bowfin Submarine Museum to explore. Pearl Harbor give the opportunity to learn about the country’s historical treasure, battle sites, historic buildings, exhibits, museums, and monuments to pay respect to who fought, died, and survive in World War 2. Pearl Harbor features a naval shipyard, supply center, and submarine base to explore. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and amazing sunset over the ocean.


USS Arizona Memorial

Arizona Memorial is the final resting place of sailors who were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Memorial includes a documentary about the ship, memorial, and boat rides of the site. Watch an informative documentary film and take a ferry ride to the memorial. Enjoy the clear water and marine life.

USS Submarine Museum

Submariners who experience World War 2 also known as “Pearl Harbor Avenger”. It reveals bunks, torpedo tubes and admires the sailor’s risk and sacrifice. The Museum restored bomber, fighter and support aircraft, windows that still have bullet attacks from war. Museum tribute to the unsung heroes of the Pacific Submarine Fleet.

Visitor Center Exhibits

Visitor Center has exhibits running along the shoreline and offers free outdoor exhibits. The walkway features tributes, monument listing of medal honor recipients. It also includes the short film in theatre, artifacts, historic newsreel footage, and photos of the attack and America before the war. Explore the open-air gallery of native Hawaiian thoughts and feelings during the 1940s.



  1. Pearl Harbor National Memorial has an area of 21.3 acres.
  2. Pearl Harbor is dedicated officially to a National Memorial on Memorial Day in 1962.



Pearl Harbor National Memorial is a very informative and emotional experience. The audio tour is great for highlighting details of the memorial. Explore the short films in the theatre, boat rides, and history lessons of World War 2. Enjoy the entire experience from entry to the gift shop, videos to exhibit halls, education plaque to memorial sites with a touching story of the attack. Visit the submarine museum and the memorial on Dec. 7th for annual events which offer concerts and ceremonial sailing.

What to expect

The Memorial has an emotionally rich history of the war to explore through the audio tour. The memorial features galleries, museums, memorial sculptures, historic sites, special events like Dec. 7th in the memorial. You have the opportunity to learn about U. S. history and the attack on Pearl Harbor. Walk through the history of this place via photographs, documents, and mixed media to explore the war conditions.


Plan your Visit

You can come to the memorial all year round. The memorial invites everyone to educate about the rich and storied history of the Pearl Harbor attack. Visit memorial sites in respect of those who died for freedom on the Island of Oahu! Sit here with the cool breeze and blue skies!

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