Caras Park

Just to the south of the historic Wilma Theatre, visit Caras Park in the middle of downtown along the Clark Fork River and the convergence of five mountain ranges. Caras Park is a popular spot as a natural and cultural heritage of Missoula. The park was turned into a beautiful destination after many improvements and transformations.


Caras Park hosts many annual and seasonal public and private events on the Clark Fork River throughout the year. The park contains sculptures for art display, amazing views of steep slopes, greenery, variety of wildlife, flowing river, species of Warblers, catbirds, native plants, and meandering streams. Festivals offer wildlife films on International Wildlife Film Festivals. Experience hunt summer camps, forest school, live music, and Missoula premiere events. Park fulfills the choice of every kid, the classic Carousel of hand-crafted horses to ride. Caras Park offers fantastic riverfront for walking, a night party, and a wedding venue. Here the pavilion can accommodate the event or party for 150 to a community-wide festival.



  • Caras Park Events and Festivals: Park events are a great opportunity for performers, entertainers, and music lovers. The park organizes many Missoula events, Downtown Tonight, Out of Lunch, First Night Missoula, City Brew Fest, and Kids Fest. Attend super unique Concerts of popular celebrities like Jewel and Chris Isaak. It holds a race expo for Missoula Marathon and lives music.


  • Caras Park Trails: Caras Park has great Riverfront walking trails to explore the magical beauty of the area. Take a walk on paved trails to enjoy beautiful scenery, views of mountains and rivers by the side. The trail provides space for special events and wedding venues. Show your skills of being the best photographer by capturing breathtaking views in the camera along the way of trails.


  • Clark Fork River: Caras Park is situated along the way of the river. Clark Fork River is the highlight of the park for the introduction of Missoula’s beauty. It offers white water rafting, boating, kayaking, floating, and surfing the waves. Take a leisurely walk along the borders of the river to watch surfers of all ability levels. Experience walking while listening to music provides extreme joy to the soul.



  1. Caras Park was underwater until the 1960s after that it was transformed into a luxurious Park.
  2. The park was managed by Missoula Downtown Association and owned by the city.


Activities: Caras Park is home to many events throughout the year. The park offers annual events, occasional events, entertainment opportunities for locals and visitors. Enjoy the visit with the pavilion, carousel, playgrounds, some great restaurants, hiking, kayaking, shops, and new adventure at the park. Explore famous Wednesday event ‘” Out of Lunch” and Thursday event, Downtown Tonight at the park. It includes winter sports, adventurous water sports, and a riverside venue.


What to Expect: Caras Park is the heart of Missoula in Montana. Take walking trails along the river borders to enjoy the view of mountain ranges, flowing clear water, and incredible atmosphere. There are several events, concerts, walking trails, plenty of parking areas, little shops, and the perfect place for the Runner Expo for the Missoula Marathon. You can enjoy kayaking, sports, surfing, boating, fantastic riverfront, and a wedding venue in the park.


Plan your Visit: Park is open all-time for the visitors. Caras Park is a non-profit organization and a great spot for picnic and adventure. Enjoy walking on trails with your family and pets! Attend new ongoing events and festivals of the park. This place needs more improvement but still, it is a great place for vacation.

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