John Denver Sanctuary

“I am a song, I live to be sung, I sing with all my heart!” by John Denver. Pay respect to the man who spent a lot of time in this place. John Denver Sanctuary is an open space and park built in the memory of great singer John Denver. It is also called John Denver’s song and John Denver Park. This 4.5-acre Sanctuary is located near the Roaring Fork River next to Rio Grand Park that makes it an ideal spot for meditation as well as a family picnic. It is a popular place because of its scenic beauty and sound wetlands. The Garden features lyrics of many iconic singers lyrics placed and designed into native river boulders in a circle. It represents the circle of life with the center of a single Colorado blue spruce signifying the spirit of John.


John Denver Sanctuary

At John Denver Sanctuary best spot is the largest perennial flower garden. In the garden, you will be amazed by seeing the thousands of huge boulders engraved with quotes and John Denver’s song lyrics while walking. It is surrounded by native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, wetlands, streams, and waterfalls that give it a charming view. For some rest, you can relax at the picnic tables and benches. Plenty of special events are held including musical tribute, personal remembrance, luncheons, and gathering in the sanctuary.

The John Denver Shrine

Don’t forget to visit the shrine of John Denver. He died in a plane crash in 1997 and after his death, a shrine was erected on the Aspen Mountain. You should come here and pay tribute to his shrine. It is located off Bellissimo Trail which is a 951 feet blue single track trail.


John Denver Exhibit

To know everything about the famous singer, actor, songwriter you must explore the John Denver Exhibit. At a 30 minute drive from Denver, you will reach the Colorado Music Hall of Fame that displays the exhibit of John Denver. The exhibit includes his stage outfits, collection of photographs, Denver’s career records, gold and platinum albums, sheet music, major magazine covers, and art crafts from his personal collection.



  1. John Denver Sanctuary is built in memory of the great singer and songwriter John Denver (who died due to a plane crash).
  2. There are thousands of engraved boulders with John Denver’s song lyrics in the sanctuary.



John Denver Sanctuary’s weather is one of the highlights of this area. It is a perfect place for a picnic, a small get-together, or even weddings. Guest can enjoy their visit with handicraft items, most photographed peaks, rides to the top of Aspen Mountain, boating in Folk River, and camping. Walk through the sanctuary to see streams, waterfalls, and engraved boulders with John Denver’s lyrics. Hiking trails and wildlife watching is also a good idea for this place.


What to Expect

John Denver Sanctuary is a several-acre landscape along the Roaring Folk River. It is wheelchair accessible so don’t worry if you have infants or people with disabilities. It is a peaceful place with breathtaking views. There are many inspiring quotes and song lyrics engraved rocks that will give you a bounce of fun.


Plan your Visit

John Denver Sanctuary is free to the public. You don’t have to make any reservations before coming to this place. It is open from 7 am to 9 pm. Anyone can come for visit or spend some time here.

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