Seaside Aquarium

If you ever get a chance to visit Oregan try an aquarium in Seaside. Here tourists come to visit one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast, Seaside Aquarium, in Oregon. Originally, the Seaside Aquarium building serves as a seaside baths natatorium with Pacific Ocean water coming through a pipeline, providing swimming and watching swimmers from balconies. Take a journey into the waters of the Pacific Northwest at the privately-owned aquarium of Seaside. The aquarium holds thousands of marine life from the Pacific ecosystem and a brilliant educational atmosphere for kids and adults. The aquarium offers the opportunity to see nature’s underwater world such as camouflage, sea otters habitat, penguin habitat, coral reefs found along the coast. The Seaside Aquarium is the perfect place for a picnic and knowledge for the whole family to enjoy spectacular views of the city of Seaside and breathtaking architectural design.


Marine Life Exhibits

The Seaside Aquarium is a permanent residence of over 100 species of underwater creatures including colorful fish, 20 ray sea stars, sea otters, sharks, crabs, octopuses, and more to explore. The first program of the aquarium is to breed harbor seals and watch the Magellanic Penguin playing.

Aquarium Outdoor Exhibits

The aquarium includes the ocean’s ultimate Orion in Shark Lagoon, Harbor Terrace to touch ocean animals’ habitats like a penguin, ray, the moon jelly to experience. The outdoor area offers gift shops and delicious food services to enjoy. Touch Tanks are special exhibits of aquariums that fascinate everyone.

Seal Pools

The Seaside Aquarium is home to super-friendly seals that attract attention from locals as well as visitors. Seals are the most amusing mammal of the aquarium having fun in their little tricks. The kid’s first preference is to feed the seals by tossing fish in the pools and touch the seal. Enjoy watching a performance of these cute creatures.


  1. Seaside Aquarium opened in 1937 which making it one of the oldest aquariums in the United States.
  2. The building of Seaside Aquarium was completed in 1924 that provided a saltwater bathhouse or swimming pools.


Activities: The aquarium has a large collection of marine mammals of the Pacific in the Seaside. There are plenty of exhibits of animal habitat, art installations, curved screen theaters, gift stores, and great food items. Enjoy art, craft, and look through microscopes to spark curiosity. Learn about the tide pools and ecosystem of the ocean which create an immersive experience in the aquarium. Take a walk around the exhibits and displays. Enjoy playing seals with the instructor and watch others swimming from the poolside.


What to Expect: The Seaside Aquarium is an awe-inspiring aquarium in downtown Seaside, dedicated to educating visitors about marine life with short lessons. You can enjoy walking around the aquarium to explore theaters, interactive art displays, live animal exhibits, and outstanding glass buildings. There are lots of local sea life, public awareness programs, and a huge network of marine mammals to explore. Stroll down to see spectacular views of the Pacific Coast and the city of Seaside.


Plan your visit: The Seaside Aquarium is an all-year-round destination that allows feeding the seals by tossing fish in the tank. Its opening timings are 9 am to 5 pm. Learn about local sea animals and touch the starfish and other tiny marine creatures! Explore this privately owned aquarium with art displays and theaters!

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