City Opera House

Quality arts and operatic arias to enjoy while in Traverse City! Constructed in the early 20th and 19th centuries, City Opera House features world-class treasures, multiple art displays, art education programs, and live Opera House series in downtown Traverse City. The opera house is a three-story building, including many workshops, large windows, wood floors, and educational events for aspiring artists and amateur artists to grow confidence to reach their highest potential through art, music, and programs. Welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year, the City Opera House has a glorious 1 acre of landscape, which was constructed by John Wilhelm. Collaborating with Wharton Center for Performing Arts, the opera house presents artworks, paintings, and live series of opera featuring a 1200-seat performance space, modern theater, a diverse art collection, and former splendor of events in Traverse City.


    Opera House Arts

 City Opera House celebrates the arts of history and culture. The opera house includes wholesome artworks from multi-decades that restore the culture, dramatic history, and Victorian array of skills. City Opera House is known for its historic preservation, presenting quality performing arts and arts entertainment.

Events and Programs

 City Opera House inspire the community and promote diversity and uniqueness of events, including arts education and community events that play an important role in the opera house for serving as a cultural pivot. The opera house hosts the famous Traverse City Film Festival, weddings, small or large gatherings, and the National Writers Series for visitors to come for fun. Learn about arts and music all year long from immersive events.

Opera House Music Theater

 For a sensational experience, the opera house consists of a musical theater with a group of musicians and singers. The House provides in-depth techniques, the discipline of various musical styles, and intensive exercises to achieve extraordinary music work. The theater offers live performances and innovative artist works to showcase with enrichment of music and quality dance.

Facts: –

  1. City Opera House was built in 1891 by John Wilhelm, Traverse City.
  2. On September 07, 1972, the City Opera House was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Activities: – City Opera House aimed to connect people to the music, arts, and culture, including space for family gatherings, community events, educational programs, and the city’s festival venue to enjoy. Enhance your art skills and explore the excellent programs of art, premier performances, and high-quality service of the opera house. There are many unparalleled Victorian charm and creative artistry, and innovative events. Learn art, music, and dancing through coaching classes at the theater and showcase on the weekends.

What to expect: – City Opera House has a unique and magical environment and iconic destination mixed with superior acoustic quality opera. You can enjoy live music performances for music lovers, see the arts of professional National-touring artists and learn about art from educational programs. Experience the vibrant passion of art through their artworks and encourage yourself to work. You can participate in the weekend show to represent your incredible work and live performance to family and friends.

Plan your visit: – City Opera House is a family-friendly location for music lovers in Traverse City to visit all year round. The opera house provides live music, exciting artworks, creative operatic voices, and intimate performances to enjoy. City Opera House is a hub of cultural entertainment, family fun, and a historical venue of arts from locals and global artists.

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