Haystack Rock

Do you know that huge rock in Oregon sticks out on the coast? In the south of downtown Cannon Beach, visit this iconic landmark, Haystack Rock, a basalt rock. Haystack Rock is a magnificent natural rock formation of Oregon that is formed by lava flows, featuring views of the most popular and colorful birds of the city and the history of millions of years ago. Haystack Rock is one of Oregon’s Marine Gardens, saved as the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The intertidal area protects and preserves the ecosystem of wildlife, marine life, and native birds by sharing information through Haystack Rock Awareness Program. Cannon Beach is the hidden gem of the city that offers a unique history center and museum which provides a variety of artworks, artifacts, displays of the history of Oregon, dazzling shows, and educational trips at the museum. Explore geology and tradition of the regions and experience silence of library without any cost in the beach area.


Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock is located near the beach along the coastline. It offers to witness a wide collection of intertidal animals like crabs, starfish, and nesting sites for several seabirds such as puffins and terns. Haystack Rock is a popular spot where many movies & shows are also filmed. Enjoy bird watching, picnicking, and kayaking around the rock. There is access to the rock by walking in low tides from the shore.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach provides the extreme healing sound of water and refreshing air to the scent while walking on the endless stretch of sand. The beach is famous for its downtown charm, fascinating tide pools creatures, sightseeing, diverse marine life opportunity, and water activities. In addition, the beach offers cultural and art galleries, local shops, eye-catching views of the Pacific Ocean, dining in restaurants.

Arts & Cultural Exhibits

Cannon Beach is home to cultural and magical art displays for art lovers. Watch original art of Ice Fire Glassworks and live performance at Coaster Theatre. There are plenty of art festivals and programs, featuring art displays, dozens of sculptures, and creative fun for kids as well adults. The exhibits give chance to local and regional artists to displaying artworks in the art galleries.



  1. Haystack Rock is a 235-feet tall sea stack in Cannon Beach.
  2. Near the south of Haystack Rock, there are three small rock formations called “The Needle” formed by the coastal geomorphology process.


Activities: Haystack Rock is a must-see attraction of Oregon which is blessed with dramatic rock formation, a wide stretch of sandy beach, historical and cultural events, and programs. Take a walk on shore while enjoying spectacular views of the Oregon Coastline, amazing sunset, and the beauty of nature. The area offers opportunities to enjoy bird watching, marine life playing in the water, kayaking around the rock, golfing, beat photography views, and scenic view of the forest. Cannon Beach is a paradise for paddle boarders, hikers, artists, animal lovers, and nature lovers.

What to Expect: Haystack Rock is an exciting historical destination for a whole family picnic. You might spot black Oystercatcher, Harlequin duck, western gull, bald eagles at the rock. The Haystack Rock is the perfect spot for the opening scene of movies & shows and awe-inspiring beauty in all seasons with incredible Cannon Beach. You can stay at ocean views lodging and enjoying the best arts and cultural galleries, meandering pathways, great shopping options, museums, and sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean.


Plan your visit: You can come here all year round to immerse yourself in the natural surroundings of Haystack Rock. It is open 24 hours so you can come at your own suitable time. The area awaits nature lovers and tide pool seekers. Take a perfect shot in the evening with sunset views that amaze everyone.

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