Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park

Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park has unique natural and historical qualities that make it a popular camping site. Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park is situated in Kodiak Island, Alaska. The park was established in 1969 as a part of the State Park System. It is noted for its World War 2 fortifications and historical importance. Not only history but also it is famous for wildflower laden meadows, a lake, and different natural features. Be here to enjoy the natural beauty of the park while noticing the events of world war 2. The 182 acres of this beautiful site got its name from the early Alaska explorer and the United States Army Officer Lt. Col. William R. Abercrombie. The park is also listed on the National historic landmark. Those who are interested to know more about the Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park can join the guide tours.


Camping & Picnicking

There are 8 campsites where guests can come and enjoy some nightlife. The campsites at Ft. Abercrombie are designed primarily for tent campers only so make sure you stay comfortable here. Also, there are picnic areas and shelters where guests can have lunch and spend family time in the lap of nature.

Trails and Cliffs

There are lots of trails and cliffs to make your trip more adventurous. There are a total of 11 trails & Cliffs in Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park. 4.2 km long cliffs loop with an easy level for hiking and 2.1 km of Gertrude Lake loop with easy level are not to miss. Some trails pass through the rainforest dripping with green moss that gives visitors a lively environment to walk actively. A little trek to gravel beach is full of scenic beauty and photogenic that you can enjoy.

Military Museum

The Kodiak Military History Museum is a private military museum situated in the Ready Ammunition bunker at Miller Point in the Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park. It is not just holding the usual museum stuff, but also they have weapons, radios, uniforms, and even a jeep. It is not open to the public every day so you have to arrange your schedule by calling them.


  1. Fort Abercrombie became a park unit of the State Park System in 1969 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1985.
  2. The ruins of a World War 2 coastal defense installation here offer a unique opportunity to learn about the events of World War 2.



The Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park is diverse in topography with cliffs, dense spruce forests, and rocky beaches. This place offers plenty of activities for the guests including Fishing Camping, Hiking numerous trails, swimming, Kodiak Military History Museum, surfing, beach access, and picnicking.


What to Expect

The Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park is beautiful to observe with easy hiking trails to walk. You will find summer naturalist programs where you can learn about ecology as well as ocean and forest creatures and numerous paths to follow. Hiking around the lake, coming to the beach, bird watching, and photography can be expected here.


Plan your visit

Best time to visit Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park is the summer season. In summer, you can experience the scene of wildflowers in the Meadow trails. You can wander the beaches and check out the tide pools and also walk the 2.5 miles trails around trail Gertrude.

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