Montshire Museum of Science

Are you an enthusiast of discovering scientific wonders, history, and natural mysteries? Here in Lebanon, the science museum is the best adventure point for your next trip. Montshire Museum of Science is a popular location for science knowledge and information on the history of the city through exhibits of science and water all day. The museum features more than 150 interactive exhibits, nature trails, and water activities to experience fun and entertainment. Montshire Museum of Science supports and strengthens the learning of science, development of virtual science, and exceptional science beyond the school, featuring a variety of innovative programs and events for students to explore. There are many on-site shops for gifts and science kits to support the educational mission of the museum. The museum draws more than 100000 visitors per year.


Science Exhibits

 The museum is home to many indoor discoveries and a large selection of interactive science exhibits, including dozens of hands-on exhibits on astronomy, chemistry, physics, environment, and natural history to engage. The museum offers innovative discoveries, immersive programs, workshops, and special events to create interest in science and inquiry-based science learning. Experience meaningful and memorable science programs and unique lifelong science through lectures and courses.

Nature Trails

The museum’s trails are the best option for outdoor discoveries throughout the 100 acres of area, where visitors have chances to hike, bike, and walk along the river on easy to challenging pathways. The trails of the science park help people to learn about the natural world, offering vigorous work-out, a pleasant environment, and outdoor recreation for outdoor enthusiasts. The trail of the park is bordered by wildflowers and shady trees that provide easy access to every corner.

Connecticut River

The science park is situated on the Connecticut River, offering lots of water activities and fun. The science museum offers boating, swimming, kayaking, and fishing, including opportunities to learn about new species of water World. Explore the ecosystem of the water universe and the adaptive environment of native fishes. Take a walk on the beach and observe the astonishing beauty of the water.

Facts: –

  1. Montshire Museum of Science covers 100 acres of landscape in Lebanon, New Hampshire.
  2. The museum was founded in 1974.

Activities: – Montshire Museum of Science is an award-winning museum based on natural and physical science, technology, water ecosystems, and conservation of natural resources, including hands-on exhibits, indoor and outdoor recreation, and learning opportunities for knowledge seekers. There are over 130 exhibits related to everyday life science and the environment. The science park offers water features that invite guests to have fun on the water. Enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating in the Connecticut River, and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in winter on trails.

What to Expect: – The museum of science enhances your experience with hands-on exhibits, featured events, and science-related merchandise to purchase from science stores. Go for a leisurely walk on trails and explore diverse species of wildlife and birds. Explore interactive programs and events which magnify curiosity about the science behind motion and forces. The science center has a forest play area, and nature trail, and an array of an art exhibit that display pieces of art and culture. The science park assists in growing science education through creative discoveries and unique science exhibit offered throughout the year.

Plan your visit: – A science adventure museum to visit in Lebanon! The museum of science is the best stop for science-minded people of all generations. The science center opens daily from 10 am to 5 pm. There are enough curiosities and exhibits to poke and prod children’s minds for learning. Expand your knowledge of technology, ecology, science, and natural history.

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