Ocean City Boardwalk

Looking for Ocean City’s largest parasailing facility for the entire gang to enjoy together! In Ocean City, the Ocean City Boardwalk is a wooden walkway that brings everyone back to 1902, featuring carnival rides, a fabulous shoreline, a sandy beach, marine creatures to watch, and water activities to enjoy. The boardwalk is known for being the nation’s best boardwalk for food, high-concentrated fun, and outdoor recreation. Ocean City Boardwalk consists of tons of traditional games, arcade games to win, carousels, Ferris wheels, a miniature golf course, roller coasters, and many other thrilling rides. Ocean City Boardwalk is an award-winning boardwalk in Ocean City with amazing views to start your day in a good mood. The boardwalk hosts multiple exciting events, drone shows, concerts, and kite festivals, providing culinary delights, breweries, art exhibits for art lovers, the city’s colorful history at the museum, nature trails, skateboarding, rollerblading, and picnicking to spend some quality time with family.


   Amusement Parks

 For wandering rides and fun games, the amusement park is the best choice for thrill seekers of all ages. The boardwalk includes amusement parks where visitors can enjoy antique carousel rides, crash bumper cars, and the latest arcade games available to play. The parks offer thrilling rides on the Ferris wheel to try, twist and turn in the roller-coaster ride, and scary slingshot to experience.

The Beach

 The beach along the boardwalk gives prime vibes to visitors to come and enjoy walking, running, biking, sunbathing, unique events, traditional games, and unforgettable experiences to save as a memory of the trip for a lifetime. The beach has playgrounds, picnic areas, and benches to sit in, and adores the perfection of nature. Take a walk on the beach along with snacks to munch and catch a perfect glimpse of the scenery and marine creatures.

Ocean Gallery

An iconic part of the boardwalk to explore! Ocean Gallery offers a unique artwork collection, photographs, and historical prints, featuring antique buildings made of recycled materials from all over the world. The gallery has handmade signs, high-quality custom framing, great drawings by local artists, and interesting themes to explore.

Facts: –

  1. Ocean City Boardwalk stretches on a 3-mile ( 2.54 km) wooden walkway. It is the first boardwalk in Ocean City and was constructed in 1902.
  2. Ocean City Boardwalk was ranked one of the ten boardwalks in the US by National Geographic.

Activities: – The boardwalk is a paradise of water sports, including several opportunities for boating, parasailing, paddle boarding, skateboarding, swimming, walking, beautiful beach, restaurants, and gift shops for shopping for every member of the family. Take a stroll along the boardwalk while admiring the seashore and sunset vistas. Enjoy sunbathing, fresh ocean breezes at the beach, morning cycling, evening stroll, amazing games, and thrilling rides in the amusement park along the boardwalk.

What to Expect: – With the longest rides and fascinating scenery, Ocean City Boardwalk provides sky-high cruising time, parasailing adventure, and boating on the water. You can enjoy artwork, and star gazing in a night filled with music and fun. Find your favorite arcade games, skeeball, bumper cars, amusement rides, and much more! The boardwalk offers the biggest riding areas with water sports like jet skiing, sky-high parasailing, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and engaging in aquatic events. Enjoy watching dolphins play in the waves and the best views of sunset available in front of the beach.

Plan your visit: – Ocean City Boardwalk is open 24 hours for picnickers to spend time parasailing and cruising. The boardwalk is a fun stretch where you can discover new games, and amusement rides, and stroll through a fresh atmosphere along the beach. Spot ocean characters and explore exciting artworks! Catch the breathtaking scenery from the top of the Ferris wheel!

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