Campbell County Rockpile Museum

Gillette’s Campbell County Rockpile is a museum based on regional and local history. It tells about the culture of the Powder River Basin. Here are amusing and surprising things to do for visitors of all ages. Spread over 320 acres of land at the north of West Wyoming, this great museum is the center of a major tourist place. The museum consists of two large buildings with many outdoor exhibits and four exhibition areas. This is a great place to learn the unique history here.


  • Fossils of the RockPile Museum: – The RockPile Museum has a variety of practical exhibits, mainly the fossils of a 50 million-year-old tree here. It is one of the main attractions in the Fossils Museum. Tourists get an informative and fun experience during the exhibits of this museum. Known for its geology and local history, this museum is a great place to spend time.


  • Coal mine of Campbell County Rockpile Museum: – Rockpile Museum houses a vast collection of the energy industry and household appliances. Videos of coal mine explosions and excavations are shown in the museum. You get to know how coal is transported by horse and sheep to different places. There is definitely something new and exciting in this museum for people of all ages. Such amazing things here are really very exciting for the guests who come here


  • Archaeological Fair of Rockpile Museum: – The Archaeological Fair is held each year at The Campbell County Rockpile Museum in Gillette. In this fair, things related to the lifestyle of the native people are shown here. The things left by them on the northern plains are also told and their cultural heritage is told.




  • This great museum in Gillette was awarded with 13 homestead land patents by the US General Land Office on September 8, 1921.
  • Campbell County, north of West Wyoming at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, was settled in 1736.


Activities: – The Campbell Museum houses a large collection of Native American artifacts, saddles, rifles, equipment from the energy industry, and horse-drawn vehicles. In order to make the visit accessible and understandable by the tourists, everything here has been explained through the display. This historically significant museum offers an exquisite look at the beautifully preserved relics with a centuries-old ambiance.


What to expect: – The Campbell Museum’s gift shop with changing exhibits showcases interesting past and present events. You can come here with your friends and families to enjoy the collection of memorabilia of this cultural site. By coming here, you can get information about local history in the museum. Tourists can enjoy a lot of educational programming and temporary exhibits here. The staff here is quite courteous and friendly so that you will not have any problem roaming here and going about here.


Plan to visit: – The Campbell County RockPile Museum is open to tourists throughout the year. It is suggested to arrive from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Campbell county museum is closed on Sundays. The entrance fee to this museum is $10 for adults, $8 for seniors, and $5 for students. There is no charge for children to enter here. Traveling here is the best opportunity to make your memorable moments during the holidays. The museum has many practical activities for children.



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