Windward Beach Park

Have you ever visited a beach park in Brick Township that has kid activities and fun events for visitors? Windward Beach Park has everything for all generations, from swings to slides to fireworks shows for kids and adults to enjoy. The park contains many picnic areas, a water fun point, playgrounds, a beautiful waterfront, and nature trails to stroll. The park includes a farmers market every weekend, concerts in summer, and spectacular views of the waterfront, offering multiple water animals to spot and take pictures with them. There are many convenient restrooms, summer camps, volleyball nets, parking lots, plenty of climbing, a bandshell, and opportunities to swim, boat, and skate on water. Windward Beach Park has a crying angel statue that pays respect to eight people who lost their lives in the attack of September 2001, offering play equipment for special needs, a fishing dock, and township festivals and events to enjoy.


Windward Beach

 In Brick Township, Windward Beach is a popular and world-class spot for visitors to have a perfect outing with family and friends. The beach offers sunbathing, opportunities to sit, go to sit on the rock to watch breathtaking views of the area, and a relaxing mind with a refreshing aroma. Take a pleasant walk on the beach to have a leisurely experience. Enjoy swimming, crabbing, fishing in piers, and boating with a special one.

Nature trails

With dozens of nature trails, the park connects you to every part of the area and offers a picnic area, benches, grassy fields, and pavilions for small occasions or to sit overlooking the beach, trees, and beautiful vistas. Enjoy hiking, biking, horseshoeing, walking, bird watching, and following the pathways bordered by wildflowers and shady trees. The park’s trails are flat or easy for experts and amateur learners.

Events and Festivals

 A new enjoyment blast in summer, winter, and spring, the park has all types of events and fest throughout the year. The beach park includes Summerfest concerts and lives performances, with a high-quality sound system and a giant screen to see. The park features arrangements of fireworks displays that create star pellets to witness once in life in the Jersey Township.

Facts: –

  1. Windward Beach Park hosts Summerfest Events in Jersey Township.
  2. The beach park is free for the public to visit for picnics and summer camps.

Activities: – Windward Beach Park is a fascinating waterfront setting, home to many trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Enjoy making some sand castles at the beach with the kids. The marina is an ample location for fishing, swimming, learning ecosystem of water life, paddle boarding, and boating. The park offers horseshoeing, hiking, picnicking, camping, bocce courts, a gazebo, a tot area, and many playgrounds and equipment for baseball soccer, basketball, volleyball, and kids to keep active and curious. Enjoy the shimmering sparks of the fireworks and take a glimpse of small moments to remember a lifetime.

What to expect: – Windward Beach Park is a large modern park, including slides, picnic areas, playing areas for kids and adults, a boat ramp to launch a boat, and grills or fire rings. You can enjoy picnicking, walking, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and running on trails. You can experience the celebration of festivals and events with colorful fireworks of the park that illuminates extremely bright and showery light. The park provides water features like swimming, fishing, kayaking, and walking trails with many other activities.

Plan your visit: – Windward Beach Park opens daily for fun seekers from 6 am to 9 pm. Explore the beach and bay, including various species of aquatic creatures, and learn about the ecosystem of the water world. The park holds many outdoor events and festivals for all ages for fun and entertainment, including fireworks shows to appreciate the bright and magical sparkles lights.

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