Buck's Pocket State Park

How does walking through greenery make you feel? Peaceful? Content? Fresh? Reflective? For many, the monotonous routine and a scheduled life have brought a new appreciation for our well-being. It is quite evident throughout numerous studies that the social and health benefits of walking out in the green area. Buck’s pocket state park is a recreation area that can be your perfect choice to hang out and enjoy nature. It is located at 393 County Road 174 Grove Oak on Sand Mountain in the northeast corner of the U.S. state of Alabama. This place offers a great ride with artistic views of mountains and Lake Guntersville! This park is full of surprises for people of all ages, come visit and fall in love with this place instantly. There are numerous places nearby attractions like bald eagle watching, the award-winning country music group Alabama’s fan club, and a lot more.




  1. Hiking & Camping – Buck’s Pocket State Park offers one of the most enjoyable hiking trails in Alabama. The path is 10 miles long(16 km), the scenic beauty from the Point Rock Overlook leaves you in a state of awe. If you are planning a trip with people you love? There is good news, Buck’s Pocket State Park has one of the most desirable camping sites for you. The place provides amenities that create a family-friendly environment for campers and vacationers. It has around 23 campgrounds with water and electricity.


  1. Picnic – Sit, Relax and talk your heart out at this beautiful site. Buck’s Pocket State Park provides you with a picnic area that has a canyon rim vista into the pocket below. You can also enjoy the boat launch and fishing area.


  1. Health Benefits – Do you know, as per a recent study people who spent at least two hours in nature per week are likely to report better health and well-being come to those who went out less frequently? That is the beauty of Buck’s Pocket State Park, the more you come here the better you feel on your way back.



  1. Buck’s Pocket State Park is famous for the stunning view of its sturdy, unexplored landscape provided from the heights of point rock.
  2. This park’s origin date from 1966, at the time Sand Mountain Booster’s Club organized the Park when they purchased the land from a local farmer.


Activities: The park has been reopened with a new campground facility and Off-Road Vehicle trail so you can expect a lot of activities while staying here. You can click photographs of various lookout points, enter the picnic area to take selfies of breathtaking views, and walk through the hiking trails.


Plan your visit: Buck’s Pocket State Park opens daily from sunrise to sunset i.e 8 am to 5 pm. On Sunday and Monday, it is open only for few hours. This place has added a new campground feature for its guests. You can easily reserve the camps in advance by making a call to the office in normal business hours and paying online. Charges vary by the means of availability and season; you can easily check the current rate from the official website.


What to Expect: Buck’s Pocket State Park is a family-friendly destination for off-road adventure. You can come here for vacation with your family and stay at the campground, witness the scenic views, and hike the trails. You can expect a bathhouse, electricity, water, dump station, and hi-speed Wi-Fi here.

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