Boomer Lake Park

The choice is yours, you don’t go out of the country to have a great vacation, well you don’t even have to spend a lot of cash either. If you are looking for some me-time or a family vacation, lakes are a great destination. The ambiance around lakes is generally quiet, relaxing and it is always easy to find a picnic spot. Boomer Lake Park will get you in touch with nature and form a solid bond with your significant other. The lake is located in the city of Stillwater, Lake in Oklahoma. The Boomer Lake is equally popular amongst locals and visitors. To book space for picnic shelter reservations, or fishing permit information feel free to call the Stillwater Parks office or check more information on their website


Attractions – 

  1. Recreational Area – The lake and the garden fits perfectly in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience”. This is the perfect spot for inspiration to create something new. If you are planning to paint, write or complete the project where you need peace, visit Boomers lake and get it done. The artificial reservoir serves multiple purposes such as cooling the area in the surrounding and providing entertainment and recreation.


  1. Water sports and Games – Plan your trip with your dearest group to enhance the fun 10x times. The park offers a lot of activities, you can try Biking, Boating, Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking, Disc Golf, Fishing and have a good time on the Tennis Court.


  1. Animal Friendly – Everything lights up when you sit in one corner to witness the ducks in the lake. The whole process is therapeutic for you and your loved ones. Remember to also click outstanding pictures around the lake to spark up your social media. Perfect place to sit, talk for hours, and connect with whomsoever you plan to go. If you go choose to be here by yourself then you will not come disappointed; this place will align itself to give you peace and much time to ponder.


Facts –

  1. The popularity of Boomer lake has earned it an award-winning area.
  2. The lake was completed in 1925 that has a surface area of 251 acres. The water level in Boomer lake once dried up to an alarming amount which was later taken care of by the department.
  3. You will notice the gravesite of the famous figure in the pre-statehood history of Oklahoma named David L. Payne.


Activities: Boomer Lake Park is a famous recreational area with lots of fun activities for visitors of all ages. It offers hiking trails, a golf course, dock fishing, boat fishing, a picnic area, seasonal kayaking opportunity to visitors. In Stillwater, various sports activities such as basketball in the winter, football in the fall, and softball in the spring are held here.


What to Expect: The place is not only famous among locals but also people from all over the world who love to come here. You can expect here a wide variety of sports activities as well nice food options. It is also a perfect place for nightlife with great events and venues.


Plan your visit: Boomer Lake Park is open 24 hours every day. It will take around 2h 30minustes to witness this place. But, those who want to stay more can take a rest in the picnic areas and enjoy the lake views.

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