silver sand state park

Silver Sands State Park in Milford, Connecticut, is a public recreation area located on Long Island Sound. Spread over 297 acres of land, the park has beaches, open areas and forests, salt marshes, dunes, and 14 acres of Charles Island Bird Sanctuary. This park provides a lot of entertainment for its visiting guests. Pack your bags and get ready for a memorable adventure in this park.


Fishing at state park

One can enjoy fishing for hours on the beautiful sandy beaches and lakes of the park. The fish caught here includes Bluefish, Blackfish, Winter Flounder, Summer Flounder, Scoop, and Striped Bass. This park allows you to fish all year round. By coming here you can enjoy fishing, touching it, and watching it even at night. Parking here is also free so you can come here in your vehicle.

Beach of silver sands park

The beach at Silver Sand Park is one of the most beautiful of the entire islands. Your mind will be filled with joy by the breathtaking views of the Beach Resort. The resort is beautifully decorated where you can sit with family and enjoy the scenic views. The beaches here are rough and rocky where one can enjoy the natural environment. This is an ideal place for rejuvenating your soul.

Natural areas of this park

You will get the opportunity to see a variety of flora, wildlife, birds, beaches, etc. in the park. Seeing migratory birds nesting on the trees here is really a pleasure in the spring season. Visit here to see the different types of fish, swim in the beach, and herons while hiking. Naturally, this park is very beautiful and worth seeing where you can have a lot of entertainment.


  • Silver State Park is what is managed by Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
  • The park also features restored marshlands and dunes during a 900-foot walking tour.


Activities:-. Be sure to visit this Milford Park for swimming, picnicking, boardwalks, and bird watching. The sandy beaches, seashells, and beachside birds add to the charm of the beach manifold. The all-weather boardwalk and more than half a mill shoreline make this park a popular waterfront destination. Visitors can enjoy saltwater swimming and fishing on the beach here. Along with the gorgeous beaches, there is also a view of this land sound here.


What to expect:-This Park is home to the most picturesque wildlife and flora where you get to see 200 different types of birds. Enjoy fun online guides with your family. One of the most beautiful parks in Connecticut, this Silver State Park is a unique place for nature lovers to explore along with forests.

Plan to visit:-Connecticut’s Sand State Park is sure to welcome visitors throughout the year. It provides guests with portable toilets, a boardwalk, and parking facilities. But if you have a pet, it is not allowed to bring it to the park, and you can keep it tied up. The park is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and a day pass is required for temporary residents. The fee to enter the park is $22. Be sure to visit the state park with your child, family, and friends.

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