Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor is an interesting historical place and headquarters for a timber company in the 1880s. George Whittell Jr. in the 1930s owned the land along with other lakeside locations and converted it into Thunderbird Lodge at Sand Harbor. Sand Harbor offers a natural environment to the visitors and inspires them to get active in the outdoors. Sand Harbor, located in the North direction on the Nevada side of Tahoe Lake. During summer, it’s the best spot for visitors. The area is comparatively quieter in winter but equally beautiful. Explore the beauty of the park during a free guided hike. For Sand Harbor take state Highway 395/I-580 South, towards Carson City. In the peak summer season, lifeguards are on patrol for the safety of the visitors. Park closes at night and no bottles are allowed in waterfront areas. Sand Harbor is on the second entrance, right side of Highway no. 28 better than the boat entrance.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival is celebrated every year in July and it’s an awe-inspiring backdrop of lake Tahoe. Fishing and hunting are the best recreational activity done at the lakeside. This area is a center for many logging operations and is a mining district near and around Virginia City. The grand opening for this recreational spot was in 1971.

Spooner Lake

Spooner Lake nestled in the Tahoe Lake basin is the best recreational and natural place. This lake is spread over 50 miles for hiking. Mountain biking trails and other fun activities. Red House, Trails, flumes, Camping, and cabins are also available. Both cabins and Spooner cabins have all basic amenities including beds, cooking stoves, wood-burning stoves, and many more.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort

Diamond Peak Ski remains closed for the summer season as it’s a hidden gem. Located above an inclined village and is a community-owned resort with breathtaking views with uncrowded runs. In addition to this, there is easy access to parking lots, ski and snowboard schools for skiers and riders. All these recreational activities and entertainment activities are offered on an affordable ticket and pass basis.


  • Till today in the 21st century almost one million people have enjoyed the beauty f this place.
  • This place also became home to the famous yacht, Thunderbird.


Sand Harbor, home to Lake Tahoe where people celebrate many festivals during the mid-summer times with an awe-inspiring backdrop of Lake Tahoe. Beautiful Sand Harbor is located on the Northeast shore of Lake Tahoe, near Nevada State Park, and has a large sandy beach, picnic benches and barbecue setups, a nature trail, two double boat ramps, and a visitor’s center which is open all around the year.

What to expect

What do you expect from a trip to Sand Harbor? There is a summer resort in Sand Harbor where people are entertained with the social elite aboard his yacht, the Quic Chakidn. The Boaters enjoyed the spectacular view of watching Fuller’s planes lift when out of the water and then rise above the lake.

Plan your Visit

You can visit this place in both the season whether in summers or during the winters. During summer parking lots are mostly full by 8.30 AM. During July and August and during the peak periods as well as the weekends Sand harbor is a popular spot for visitors.

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