Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is a military cemetery across the Potomac River from Washington in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington National Cemetery, spread over an area of 639 acres, is known by the name dead of the nation. The United States Department of the Army, a component of the Department of Defense, controls the Cemetery. Arlington National Cemetery manages to conduct 27 to 30 funeral each weekday and 6 to 8 funerals on Saturdays, Sundays.


Notable Graves of Arlington

Arlington National Cemetery is known for Notable Graves. It has been a burial ground for military people. In addition to war heroes’ graves, it’s a resting place for veterans of other fields. The Notable graves of Arlington are namely George C. Marshal, Audie Murphy, Walter Reed, Abner Doubleday, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Joe Louis Barrow, and William Howard Taft.

Culture and Arts

What could be more impressive than achieving rank after rank of white stones at such levels? This Arlington Cemetery is undistinguished in itself, and has shaded areas covered with wooded slopes. The Arlington Cemetery has also become a separate National Cemetery, like other National Cemeteries, as it is since President Harry’s time.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

The most iconic memorial of Arlington National Cemetery is named The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Since 1921, the Tomb has also served as a place of mourning and reflection on military service sites for all the locals, as well as the visitors. In the United States, before the Civil War times, unidentified remains of the soldiers were often buried in mass graves here at the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. A tomb of Unknown Soldiers is also a place of learning and knowledge for a lifetime.


  • Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia is the resting place of over 400,000 humans.
  • An average of 25 burials are performed each day here at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Arlington National Cemetery extends over an area of 624 acres of land.
  • More than three million tourists cross the National cemetery each year.


Arlington National Cemetery Memorial, Arlington, Vitrrginia, organizes two major annual ceremonies first is Memorial Day, which is on the last Monday of May, and Veterans Day which is on November 11. Approximately 5,000 visitors attend these national ceremonies, sponsored by the U.S. Military Army. The president of the U.S. delivers an address at the Memorial Day Ceremony.

What you Expect

At Arlington National Cemetery, more than three million people visit Arlington, Virginia, to attend graveside services. Also, the purpose to see the location is to attend special ceremonies organized to pay tribute to veterans and historical figures. The view and experience of special events and ceremonies cannot be explained in words.

Plan your Visit

Arlington National Cemetery is currently not accessible to the public. Only the visitors holding family passes can visit but must cover their faces. The Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, is temporarily open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Each visitor attends events and ceremonies here with prior booking.

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