Zoo Boise

A zoo is a place that makes people of every age group happy. It gives you peace, adventure, as well as a break from your daily life. If you also want to visit a zoo then make sure you pick the right one? Visit the beautiful zoo in Julia Davis Park located in the heart of Boise, Zoo Boise. The zoo welcomes kids and adults from all over the world. Zoo protects endangered species and supports wildlife restoration. Zoo Boise is great history fascinating to explore the history and collect lots of knowledge about wildlife. Zoo offers a variety of animals from different countries like Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. The zoo provides conservation cruises and keeps up the environment for animals for their safety. Zoo Boise executes special zoo projects and conservation efforts of wildlife and working for the care of these species. Enjoy animal encounters and educational programs at the zoo. The zoo hosts the best photo contest for visitors to show their photography skills. Always come with your family to enjoy dinner, carousel rides, plenty of butterflies, and nightlife in the camp area.


Zoo Boise Animal Exhibits

Zoo Boise is home to a collection of diverse animals from different places. There are opportunities to see worldwide animals such as giraffe, red panda, sloth bear, giant anteater, snow leopard, lion, and penguins. The zoo displays zebra, crocodiles, tortoises, wolves, reptiles, California kingsnakes, and other mammals. You can witness and gain information about them.

Zoo Boise Bird Exhibits

Zoo provides a variety of birdlife to explore. Feed birds and watch your favorite birds like the Sarus crane, Africa crowned crane, tern, Alexandrine parakeet, komodo dragon, and some other rare birds in the zoo. The zoo has plenty of beautiful bird species of red-capped cardinal, silvery-cheeked hornbill, blue-bellied roller, and violet turaco to view.

Butterfly in Bloom Exhibits

The butterfly exhibits are dedicated to restore and protect these beautiful insects. Zoo Boise is filled with thousands of beautiful little butterflies from all over the world. Butterfly exhibits are an annual exhibit including a wide collection of colorful butterflies. Experience the feeling of amazing creatures fluttering around the butterfly house in spring that gives you a peaceful sensation.



  1. In the 1920s, the police department took care of animals in the zoo.
  2. The zoo has unique annual exhibits of butterflies that are the great attraction of many visitors.


Zoo Boise creates a connection with animals and appreciates for conservation of wildlife. Zoo provides super cool exhibits, events, family programs, and education classes to share information about each animal. Explore worldwide wildlife such as grizzly bears, sloth bears, gorillas, and rhinos. Learn about native and adopted wildlife throughout the treasure valley. The zoo is the perfect place for birdwatchers and wild animal lovers to enjoy animal encounters and feeding them.


What to Expect

Zoo Bois is a wildlife heritage and permanent home to more than 250 animals of over 100 species. You can enjoy watching species of monkeys, red panda, tigers, leopards, and reptiles. Visitors can interact with birds, colorful butterflies, and rare species. You can enjoy feeding animals and animal encounters by getting the opportunity to touch your favorite animal. Enjoy the butterfly exhibits, camping, food, and gift shops.


Plan your Visit

This Zoo is open all year round from 9 am to 5 pm. The last admission is till 4 pm after that no one will be allowed to visit the zoo. Zoo Boise is the perfect spot for picnic and family outings. Enjoy watching spectacular views, cute butterflies, rare and endangered species at exciting exhibits. Make your long-lasting memory in the zoo with animal encounters. Admission for children under 2 years is free but adults have to pay $11 and seniors and children above 2 are allowed after the $8 entry fee.

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