Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Rosamond Gifford Zoo is a 43-acre zoo in Syracuse, New York City, USA. This zoo holds than 216 species and is home to more than 900 animals. These animals include the Humboldt penguin, the Asian elephant, the dragon, the Amur tiger, and the giant Pacific octopus on display. This zoo with unique fauna, bird species, and reptile class attracts thousands of people every year. Plan a visit to this zoo and see a wide variety of wildlife. This is a great place to get closer to wildlife as well as nature.


Events of Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Come to this amazing zoo in Syracuse and check out the great events that take place throughout the year. Visit Helga Beck Asian elephant who has given birth to twins, every day at the Preserve’s pachyderm pavilion. You can find shows like Holy Night, Brunch with Santa, and School break Zoo Camp presented by Amazon here. Also, events like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, play games, and meetings are specially organized here.

Exhibition of a zoo

 A wide variety of different types of animals, birds, and fauna can be found here. Most of the beautiful birds like the Nicobar pigeon, Palawan peacock, imperial pigeon, pin-tailed whydah, pink-necked fruit dove, Spoonbill, starling, and violet turaco attract the attention of visitors. Among the animal exhibits, you can see the Andean bear, African red river hog, red panda, and snow leopard.

The Komodo dragon of zoo

Although the zoo is filled with many species of fauna and exotic birds, the Komodo dragon is a special attraction for visitors. These dragons are the largest extant species of lizard, which weigh up to 70 kg and are up to 10 feet long. Endemic to the Indonesian islands of Rinca, Florence, Geela Motang, and Komodo, it is truly amazing to see this dragon.


  1. A new Animal Health Center is slated to be opened by the zoo in 2022, the largest zoological center in New York State.
  2. Opened in 1986, the zoo was the first to have exhibited a water bird pond and exhibits of monkeys and bears.

Activities:-This New York zoo is a center of special attraction for people of all ages where you can see Asian fairy bluebirds, blue-crowned hanging parrots, coua, green jays, mandarin ducks etc. White lemur, Cape porcupine, colobus monkey, golden lion tamarin, etc. will fill your mind with wonder. Participate and enjoy the events and celebrations at the zoo.

What to expect:- Rosamond Gifford Zoo never disappoints its guests. Here you can roam in the open and calm environment, shop at the store and meet different types of rare species of birds and animals and creatures that you would hardly have seen anywhere. Hornbill, Harris hawk, ring-necked duck, turkey vulture, tortoise, bacterial camel, gray wolf, and a variety of lizards are amazing to see here. The visit to this zoo is quite exciting.

Plan To Visit:- Make sure to visit this wonderful zoo in the USA with your kids, family, and friends. The zoo remains present throughout the years in the service of the guests. You can enter here from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. There is no admission fee for children under 2 years of age, $2 for 3 to 17 years old, $5 for 18 to 61-year-olds, and $2.5 for anyone over 62 and its members and military are free.

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