Hampton Beach State Park

Are you ready to take a trip to beautiful Hampton Beach? Want to spend your day on beaches and state parks in New Hampshire? An all-year-round recreational park of the state, Hampton Beach State Park situated in Hampton, features Atlantic Ocean-front, sandy beach, water activities, campgrounds for hook-ups with RV camping, an amphitheater, public restrooms, playgrounds, and pavilions for guests. There are several lifeguard facilities on the beach. Covering 50 acres, Hampton Beach State Park consists of first-class wedding venues, miles of sandy beach, spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, outdoor grills, and rental equipment for everyone’s needs to enjoy water activities with friends and family. The park provides comfortable benches, picnic areas, perfect sunlight, and unobstructed ocean views. The state park presents something for all ages: sports to food, surfing to sand castles, educational events to concerts, and fire rings to fireworks to satisfy each guest with its arête.


The Hampton Beach

Explore the owned beauty of the park! The park preserves the underwater world, offering whale watching, swimming, sandy stretch, and charter boats to enjoy boating on the mouth of the Hampton River. The beach includes picnic shelters, playgrounds, camping sites, fire rings, and a first aid station in case of any extremity, spreading clear sand for miles. Take a walk through the dunes to the beach and spot whales at the beach.

The Amphitheater

 Hampton Beach State Park includes a band shell Amphitheater for live performances, entertainment, and events of famous superstars. It has sloping seats, serving to host community performances and concerts of celebrities. The Amphitheatre has the best quality sound system, a large screen, and a vibrant atmosphere, ideal for musical performances. Emerge in the magical activities enriched with classical antiquity.

The Trails

The state park is home to several trails, including easy to moderate to difficult for all skill levels to enjoy. Trails of the park offer hiking, biking, walking, exploring new surprises of nature, and discovering the power of the natural world. Enjoy cross-country skiing, sled dog mushing, and snowmobiling on motorized and non-motorized trails. The park’s trails are treasures to spend time with your partner, admire the oceanfront, and overlook birds and shady trees along the pathways.

Facts: –

  1. Hampton Beach State Park spreads in 50 acres of landscape as a community park in New Hampshire.
  2. The state park was established in 1933.

Activities: – Hampton Beach State Park is full of outdoor recreation, water sports, and education on the conservation of water life. The park offers picnicking, camping, fishing, swimming, and surfing on the water. The beach provides a fascinating view in the daytime and star gazing opportunities at night, offering sunbathing, walking, and enjoying delicious food and drinks to cool off under sunlight. There are endless opportunities to experience natural wonders, the water universe, and pavilions to arrange weddings, meetings, and small get- together along the breathtaking beachfront.

What to Expect: – The state park is a cozy seaside destination with mesmerizing waterfront, a lovely sunset, trails, and plenty of fun activities to experience. You can experience the splendor of nature through educational programs and events that happen throughout the year to learn and gain some knowledge about water life and the ecosystem of water characters. You can trek and ride a bike along winding trails, glide along the water, and swim at the beach for fun. The park offers a campground for camping under the sky, recreational events, and music concerts to enjoy. Get your body double charged at restaurants and shops,

and beat the heat with cool beverages!

Plan your visit: – Hampton Beach State Park opens daily from 8 am to 8 pm to explore every part of the park: beach to trails and amphitheater to playgrounds. Familiarize yourself with the beach and water creatures of the Atlantic Ocean. Make a prior reservation for entrance to the park and experience the vows with the soothing sounds of waves.

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