Are you planning to enjoy a fun-filled day with your family in Billings, Montana? Here you have a chance to visit ZooMontana. ZooMontana covers 70 acres of area which provides zoological and botanical gardens, arboretum, wildlife, and rocky mountain to explore. ZooMontana offers opportunities to learn about wildlife education, Yellowstone ecosystem fauna, experimental programs, and recreational experience for an adventure.


ZooMontana is divided into two regions: the Asian region and the North American region. ZooMontana is home to most domestic animals such as pygmy goats, peafowls, rabbits, and turkey vultures. Enjoy pond views and feed the Koi in the zoo. Here they allow the adoption of the animals from the zoo. Start a walk with a paved path through a cottonwood forest and see Siberian tigers and Red Panda. The zoo has an interesting collection of animals, reptiles, and water fountains. Enjoy your next event in ZooMontana. It offers a special way to honor your special person with memorials. Preschool educational program holds classes within the zoo.



  • ZooMontana Gardens: ZooMontana garden offers a wonderful place and beautiful views. There are many trails winding through the natural beauty of the zoo ground. Gardens keep, protect and enhance the natural environment for bright flowers and plants. Garden offers native and exotic plants. These gardens give a gorgeous site for weddings, parties, and reunions.
  • ZooMontana Animal Exhibits: ZooMontana contains over 80 animals of different species of wildlife habitats of the wolf, grizzly bears, river otters, bald eagles, tigers, and red panda. The exhibit also includes other country’s animals such as mink, chinchilla, ball python, box turtles, aracari, Canada lynx, arthropods most of which are rescues. New exhibits feature takin, raptors, and many more to explore.
  • ZooMontana Educational Tour: ZooMontana hosts several events and programs of Zoology and botanic throughout the year. ZooMontana includes free movies night and preschool events. ZooMontana offers a perfect site for special events. Learn about the ecosystem’s fauna, experimental and recreational experience.



  1. ZooMontana covers 70 acres of area in Billings, Montana.
  2. The Zoo was established as a non-profit organization in 1982.


Activities: ZooMontana is a wonderful experience for animal lovers. ZooMontana offers gardens, great walking trails, scenic vistas, and wildlife to explore. There is an opportunity to see eagles, red pandas, snakes, bears, and tigers. Enjoy a variety of animal habitats, playgrounds, arboretum, and garden areas. ZooMontana hosts free movies, family fun nights, local and regional wines, brews, non-alcoholic beverages, and the greatest adventurous wedding venues.


What to Expect: ZooMontana is a famous spot for family outings. It is a unique, picturesque, and adventurous place for traditional weddings and special events. You have a chance to see different country’s animals adapted to the region. You may spot red pandas, Siberian tigers, and bald eagles. ZooMontana is a beautiful, spacious botanical garden that provides trails, water fountains, and flowers.


Plan Your Visit: ZooMontana is open all year round for visitors. Explore beautiful views, gardens, and wildlife at the zoo. Take a walk on paved trails to admire the beauty of ZooMontana! It is a perfect destination for photography. Visit gift shops to buy gifts for your special person.

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