Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is a casino as well as a resort located on 777 Casino Drive, on the Qualla Boundary in the city of Cherokee, North Carolina. The most interesting thing about this destination is that it is owned by an Eastern band and operated by Caesar's entertainment of Cherokee Indians. It is situated on the site of the former Frontier Land theme park. The location was opened on November 13, 1997. The construction of this Casino proved to be successful as it improved the living standards of people living in Qualla Boundaries. The casino offers 24 hours round services and the gaming area is eligible for people of age 18 and above.



  1. Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center : Multi-tainment center at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Resort has no shortage of friendly competition. Here they have bowling areas, Esports tournaments, advanced gaming stations, High-tech games, and whatnot. Visit and try the latest and largest rental game station with friends and family.


  1. Golf Course: Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort features a partnership with Sequoyah National Golf Course which is a part of the Eastern Band of Cherokee. The guests here at this destination can take advantage of the golf course by paying around $25 and enjoy the day and golf sessions just 3.5 miles away.



  1. Pool: Rest and play are the two main aims of Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. Starting from fun in the sun and a year-round oasis, here are two pools for the perfect refreshing trip. One can also enjoy drinks and snacks at the poolside area.


  • Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is approximate construction of 21 story building and 1108 spacious rooms
  • This four-star featured with ultimate luxury nestled in-between beautiful mountains of North Carolina


From fun to rest and all the activities can be done here without any second thought. Starting from water activities, featuring gold, Ultrastar Multi-Tainment center, Spa areas, bar, Casino, luxury resort for rest, warm pool spa, shopping area, Motorcycle Museum and what not.

What you Expect?

Your expectations to visit this place will met and never allow you to go back. This Harrah’s Cherokee Hotel is set amidst the mountains of North Carolina with an Ultimate gaming section, dining, and spa services. All you need to do is plan all the things well and get the best experience of this destination.


Plan your Visit

A lush green and water area awaits its guests all around the year. Ultimate luxury and amazing design meet the amenities and attractions to create an unforgettable visit here at Harrah’s Cherokee Hotel Casino. There isn’t any entry ticket to Casino but for the resort area and stay one has to pay according to the room facilities. All the best for your trip to Harrah’s.

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