Pappajohn Sculpture Park

A place that showcases artworks of the world’s most popular artists! Pappajohn Sculpture Park is an outdoor art exhibition and home to a sculpture garden with gaming opportunities, picnic tables, a library, and much more to explore. The sculpture park is situated in downtown Des Moines with 4.4 acres of the landscape which contains plenty of picnicking areas and immersive artworks to explore with family and friends. The sculpture garden offers enchanting visuals, lively opportunities for photography and picnicking, and plenty of extraordinary pieces of artwork. The park is filled with panoramic views for all ages to enjoy walking, running, picnicking, and eating under the blue sky. The park offers new ideas for drawings and sculptures to amateur artists to follow and enhance their art skills. Pappajohn Sculpture Pak is one of the best destinations in Des Moines, where visitors can find outdoor displays of artworks made with steel, bronze, and many other materials. The park has huge-sized sculptures and human-size statues with a long history of making and artists collecting information.


Thinker on a Rock

The masterpiece of a great artist known for his bronze statues, Barry Flanagan, created in 1997, Thinker on a Rock is a historical bronze statue. The sculpture shows a unique ability of thinking and expressive nature and features three-dimensional views with multiple gestures to demonstrate. Experience the imagination, feeling, and inspiring art along the pathway. The sculpture is a little spot to stop and have a look and enjoy photography.

Five Plate Pentagon

 With five unpainted steel plates, the five plate pentagon is a work of steel that is balanced against one another as positions when playing cards and builds this scarce metal art in Des Moines. The design of five plate pentagon is remarkable and rare in style. Enjoy a relaxing walk to find the originality of the art and walk along the sculpture to explore the history.


Nomade by Jaume Plensa

The picturesque and signature gem in John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Nomade is Jaume Plensa’s significant artwork. Nomade is an unreal sculpture to encounter with an array of modern and historical ideas. The statue is installed at the park to appreciate the art, take impressive photos, and know the behind stories of design and the creator’s mind.


  1. Pappajohn Sculpture Park encompasses 4.4 acres in Des Moines, managed by Des Moines Art Center.
  2. Pappajohn Sculpture Park was opened in 2009.

Activities: – The sculpture garden is a marvelous and designed landscape with high-quality artworks that make it an antique outdoor sculpture exhibit in the United States. The park offers the most significant outdoor sculptures and objects to appreciate the artistry. Learn about the creative thoughts and emotions of the artists through their archetypal sculptures. Many pamphlets share information about each object to take a closer look at its history. Explore interactive artworks of celebrated artists from around the world. Take a serene walk around the pedestrian way to look at magnificent modern art and extraordinary city views to enjoy from hustles and bustles of life.

What to expect: – The sculpture garden is home to giant sculptures, a fresh breeze, and breathtaking views of downtown Des Moines. You can select your favorite prompts and learn the various ways of creativity and emotions through the sculpture and objects. There are many accessible sitting and picnicking areas for picnickers that the park offers to the guests. You can enhance your virtuosity of art with the help of sculptures and statues and experience the preserved beauty of art. Enjoy photography, and remarkable sculptures are a backdrop to take scenic photos.

Plan your visit: – Pappajohn Sculpture Park is open daily from 6 am to 12 am for guests. Wander around the park and discover the expertise of painters through works of art. The park has no admission fee to explore realistic work showcases like art galleries.

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