Fountainhead Regional Park

Fountainhead Regional Park in Virginia is a rugged adventure sprawling place over 2,000 acres of land. Guests visiting here can enjoy seeing a lot of things and to do while hiking, challenging Mount Bike Trail, Horse Riding Trail, and 19.7 mile Bull Run Occoquan Trail, etc. Make sure to visit this park to have a picnic, walk, experience the natural environment, and enjoy a close-up view of small and big creatures.


Fountainhead regional park trails

Enjoy looking at the trails in this park and walking trails if you have more ability. There are biking trails, running trails, 8 great hiking trails to cover. The best place in the park to hike is a Hiking trail and Fountainhead Equestrian. It’s height is 173 meters and it is 9 kilometers long. It takes around 2 hours and 11 minutes to walk here. Must come here to see the most famous and best mountain bike trails.

Boat ramp of the park

Boat ramping in the calm water of the lake in the park provides a different experience and pleasure. You can also enjoy witnessing turtles, herons, frogs, and fish during voting. The lakeside features fresh popcorn and even delicious snacks. Take a variety of photos during the procession here and make your trip a memorable one. The boat ramp is always open for guests from 1st March to 30th November.

Regional Park Forest

You can explore the park’s most beautiful and popular forests on hand-curetted trail maps. In the beautiful and enchanting natural environment, visitors can see here blue herons, lush green plants, eagles, beautiful flowering plants, calm water, and excellent picnic places. The fishing, kayaking, and boating in the open water bodies are truly worth.


  • There are many activities you can do and see in this regional park of Nova Park. On the basis of a special permit sports, concerts, performances, ceremonies, speeches, and public meetings can also be held here.
  • Fountainhead Green Loop, White Loop, Fountainhead Green, Blue, and Black Diamond Loop are different pleasures to watch. The single-use chain of trails loop has lots of short, fast descents and steep climbs.

Activities: – The longest trail in this regional park is the Bull Run Occoquan trail through park which is 28.3 kilometers long. It takes about 6 hours and 41 minutes to walk on it. One of several regional parks, this park offers model tours where historic and natural features of the Occoquan region are found.

What to expect:-Choose Virginia’s Fountainhead Regional Park for an adventure and family trip. Enjoy doing and watching the challenging and risky bike trails. Suitable for picnics, guests can enjoy delicious food and beverages and exciting views with their friends and families at this park. Hiking is the best place in the park.. The risky climb on the Black Loop is quite an adventure.

Plan to visit: – Make sure to visit this place full of natural things with your family and kids. Enjoy hiking, bike rides, and viewing hand-drawn trail maps. The Regional Park is open for visitors daily from morning to evening. There is no fee to enter this park. Various programs are arranged here for children and adults. You can enjoy horse riding by coming here.

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