World Ice Art Championships

Soccer championships or Basketball tournaments are entertaining. But have you heard about World Ice Art Championships? This place will incite your mind. As people come from all over the world for participating in this one of a kind competition. Yes, the foundation of Ice Sculpting in Interior Alaska was laid in the 90s & continues till the date. The tradition kickstarted in 1930, with the early celebrations of spring involving the Winter Carnivals. World Ice Art Championships is held in Fairbanks located at 111800 College Rd. This is an outstanding site as the grand event conducts annually and hosts over 100 ice artists, representing 9 countries and many states from the United States.



A sculpture that uses ice as a raw material to build is called an Ice Sculpture. The design and the result of the sculpture depend on the imagination and the skill of the artist. It can be abstract, realistic, or purely decorative form as per the builder’s creativity. The lifetime of such sculptures is short because it is primarily dependent on the temperature of their environment. If taken care they can last for months and are showcased eventually.


Welcome to the most intense competition in the world. The competition is held at the heart of Alaska, Fairbanks. Each year, the finest artist of ice sculptures compete with one another in one of the most challenging ice sculpting competitions. As the competition, is gaining reputation more artists participate in World Ice Art Championships every year. The team works behind the scene to make this event a success, works hard to ensure the safety of both competitors and visitors. Every year there are numerous competitions. The three tournaments this year are Multi-Block, Two-Block, One-Block, and a Family Snow Sculpting.


Winter Festival

These festivals are popular in D climates, where winter is long and intense. Apart from the US, the festival is conducted in more than 11 other countries. Winter festival, winter carnival, snow festival, or the frost fair you will love all of them. It is an outdoor weather celebration that occurs in the wintertime.



  1. World Ice Art Championships(with the outdoor activities) attracts more than 100 ice artist and more than 40,000 visitors from Alaska and all over the world.
  2. This event is possible with the efforts of more than 300 volunteers and artists, also the support from more than 100 businesses and community organizations is the backbone.



Main three types of competitions are held where you can spend some time to cheer up the players and enjoy the game. Youth match and amateur exhibition is also a great attraction to see and learn new things. In sculptures, there is a kids’ park sculpted with ice that is the center of attraction for many visitors.


Plan your visit

It opens daily from noon to 10 pm. For admission, purchase the tickets for children around 6-17 years’ each worth $15 and for adults ticket for each person is worth $25. Price may change according to the day and season of the year.


What to Expect

They host over 100 ice artists, from 9 countries and states of the United States. Every year various kinds of artists and volunteers participate in this competition. Results are announced after the competition of ice sports, exhibitions, and sculptures.

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