Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center

The Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center in Kansas, United States, is a medium-sized zoo located within Gage Park in the north-central part of the city. More than 300 animals and birds from the tropical rain forests of the USA can be seen in this zoo. It is one of the most popular attractions of Topeka and attracts over 2.5 million tourists each year.



Exhibition of Topeka zoo

With a variety of unique animals, it is a wonderful place to visit. Plan a visit here to see animals like giraffes, ostrich, lesser kudu, and gray crowned cranes as exhibits. Apart from this, you can also see the Hills Black Bear Wood, and Camp Cowabunga Discovering Apes here which is very exciting. Don’t miss seeing two beautiful black bears known as Indy Out and Val at the zoo.

Giraffe of Topeka zoo

One of the main attractions of the zoo is the giraffe which attracts visiting tourists. Enjoy watching a herd of reticulated giraffes in the zoo. For these, there is a spacious indoor giraffe maternity training suite, playroom, and an outdoor and indoor feeding platform for guests where they can enjoy feeding and touching the animals.


Natural areas of Topeka zoo

The chance to see your favorite animals and creatures up close is available at Topeka Zoo. This is the best place for tourists interested in the environment. It is quite amazing to meet the live animals in the picturesque surroundings, tropical trees, plants, and rivers on the outskirts of the park and to see the zoo lights, the latest winter exhibit of the zoo. Various events are organized here from spring to winter which is also considered the best time of the year.


  • The multi-species exhibit of giraffes and other animals is one of 25 other structures on the zoo’s 34 developed acres of land.
  • Children’s Painting Zoo, Adventure Trail, Camp Cowabunga, and Lion Forest are the main attractions of this zoo.

Activities:-Plan a trip to see the Hat Zoo, home to around 400 animals from all around the world. It is quite exciting to see Tropical Rainforest, Discovery Apes, Lions, and Hills Black Bear Woods in the zoo exhibits. The main animals here are tigers, elephants, giraffes, bears, black monkeys, white herons, dinosaurs, red herons, crocodiles, rhinoceros, colorful, parrots, turtles, otters, etc.

What to expect: – Plan a trip here to see activity in the zoo’s habitats of over 300 different types of crooked, large, furry, and feathered creatures. Enjoy favorite attractions like the Black Bear Woods and the Tropical Rainforest. Guests visiting here are provided with opportunities to learn about environmental protection and wildlife. In Travel Memorabilia, you can pick up gifts from the Gift Shop for your collection from places around the world.

Plan to visit:-The Topeka Zoo is open to guests year-round and you can enter from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It provides a lot of entertainment to people of all ages. Make sure to visit this place on vacation with your family, friends, and kids. The fee to enter the zoo is 8.75 for adults, $7.75 for those 65 and over, $7.25 for children ages 3 to 12, and free for children 2 and under. Admission is free for zoo members.

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