Valdez Glacier Lake

While traveling in Valdez the Gorgeous Valdez Glacier is a must-visit place. Valdez Glacier is a 20 miles valley glacier situated in the Chugach Mountains and terminates in Valdez. Here you will get amazed by the wonderful views of the snow-capped Chugach Mountains and large floating ice pieces calved off from the Valdez Glacier. The runoff of this glacier is so vast that it forms a lake in front of the terminus named Valdez Glacier Lake. You can observe the glacier when you get in the water because it is not visible from the lakeshore. It also provides light into the local history and culture of the area. In old times, Gold seekers used to pass the Valdez Glacier during the Gold Rush of 1898.


Valdez Glacier

Valdez Glacier is a 20-mile valley glacier that offers wonderful breathtaking views to visitors. Since the glacier is going through a dramatic shedding process that has made it a little bit risky place to observe from a closer point. Sometimes the ice pieces broke and fall off as a result it’s suggested to no go within 100 meters of the glacier range. But if you go by kayak you’ll be able to see this spectacular glacier closely.




Glacier Lake

Experience this glacier lake by having a 15-minute drive from Valdez. There is a sitting area at the shore of the lake where you can click some photos. It is open to unguided visitors, but it is advised to hire a guide for safety visits. Valdez Glacier Lake is popular for ice skating but make sure the lake is frozen and solid. Extreme caution and safety equipment are required in this place. You can have extreme fun here if danger signs and instructions are properly followed.


Water Activities

There is a beautiful lake with glacier ice in the blue water. It is a perfect place for kayaking with plenty of space to hike around. Ice skating in winter is very popular at this lake. Valdez offers many hiking trails located right along with the town that is maintained for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.



  1. Valdez Glacier Lake is approximately 640 feet deep.
  2. The ice on this glacier has been more or less retreating for the last 10000 years.



Valdez Glacier Lake provides breathtaking sights all year round. This is a popular destination for Heli-skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, cross country skiing. Kayaking over the lake with a marvelous view of the glacier will give travelers an unforgettable experience.


What to Expect

 It is a beautiful sight with peaceful ambient to visit in Valdez. You can walk along the shore of the lake while looking at the iceberg or you can enjoy the sports activities in the lake area. Every small activity at this place is going to make your day special with its magnificence.


Plan your Visit

This lake is open all year round. The Valdez Glacier Lake is a place to visit once in your lifetime. In the winter season when the lake freezes guests can experience ice adventure and frozen wonderland. In the summer season, guests can have the option of kayaking.

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