Meteor Crater Natural Landmark

Are you planning a vacation to Arizona? Here we have a place that should be on your bucket list. We are talking about “Meteor Crater Natural Landmark”. Does not seems familiar?


Let us tell you that it is a meteorite crater created thousands of years ago. This natural landmark is situated under the sky in the Desert of Arizona. Thus, the young age of Meteor Crater and the dry Arizona climate both have enabled this crater to remain almost unchanged since it was formed. So, get ready to catch a glimpse of the spectacular result of a collision.

Location: Interstate 40, Winslow, Arizona 86047. It is located in Northern Arizona, (U.S.); which lies approximately 20 miles west of Winslow and 35 miles east of Flagstaff.

Opening Hours: It opens every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except New Year and Christmas.


  • Meteor Crater Visitor Center: There are four lookout points inside, from where you can get clear views of the crater. Also, for a better vision, they have microscopes for the guests. Taking care of safety, you will be offered masks and hand sanitizer.
  • 4D Theater: Going with kids can be awful sometimes when they are tired or bored. You can give them a movie treat in the 4D Theater featuring a collision movie. In a fully air-conditioned room, they will feel good. Also, the kids will get refreshed with the exciting journey to space with the amazing 4D vision of collision with earth.
  • Guided Rim Tours: After some rest in the vision center you can go for an educational tour outdoors. Guides will tell you the history and story behind this meteor crater while hiking the edge of the rim.
  • Space Museum: At the museum or discovery center you can learn various things from the guide about this world’s best-preserved meteorite. They will tell you the science and history behind it.
  • Gift Shop: After a happy visit you take something with yourself to keep memories alive about this place. There are a variety of things available like mugs, books, T-shirts, games and other gifts.

Near this place, there is also an RV Park to have a great time with family. The place is pet friendly too. So, coming to this place can be a great outing with the whole family.

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