Whale Dance

Whale Dance in Randolph is a 16-foot-tall bronze sculpture showing the tail of whale tails, similar to the tail in South Burlington. This structure is made by artist Jim Sardonis who stands in front of this new Whale’s trail Structure known as Whale Dance in Randolph. Originally the sculpture was of black granite material but was reconstructed with Bronze Material. After this, it was installed in the same spot for ten years and now it is shifted to Technology Park in South Burlington. Whale Dance, Randolph, Vermont is near Lake Champagne and Hill Randolph

Whale Dance is known as the Preservation Trust of Vermont


Almost 40 years ago, Sculptor Named Jim Sardonis had a dream, that two tails are breaking the surface of the water and dove deep into the ocean. This image got frozen in his mind. Thus, this sculpture came into existence and increased the grace of the Randolph lands. Earlier this sculpture was made of Black Granite and then reconstructed with Bronze called Whale Dance, Randolph, Vermont.

Technology Park welcomed the sculpture

After the decision of shifting the Whale Dance Sculpture from Randolph to Technology Park, Randolph Community decided to give it a warm welcome in July 2019. This decision was taken by the Vermont Community Foundation with proper funding when the Preservation Trust of Vermont paused the development of the land.


  • The sculpture of the whale dance symbolizes the fragility of the planet.
  • The new sculpture committed from the Vermont Community Foundation will be cast in bronze

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