Lum Park

Brainerd's Lum Park in downtown Minnesota, USA, is a public park with a large play area, a beach, a large grassy area for pets and children, and a beautiful sea lake. Playing disc golf, fishing and volleyball, the park attracts millions of people every year. It is very exciting to visit this park spread over 38 acres of land.


Natural areas of this park

Your mind will be happy by walking and seeing the peaceful environment of Lam Park on the banks of Brainerd, lush green plants, small animals, colorful flowering plants, atmosphere, and meadows. There is a beautiful lake in the park where you can see colorful fishes. Enjoy the park by sitting comfortably with friends and kids at the Picnic Shelter.

Disc golf of lum park

This public park has an ideal place to play disc golf. It provides great entertainment to the tourists. A golf course is also offered here which is absolutely free. One of the attractive features of this game impresses the tourists a lot. Similarly, you will find many wonderful things to see in the park where you will never be disappointed during your visit.

Beaches of lum Park

Here you can enjoy summer boating on a safe sandy beach with a lake. We can do many fun activities on the beach. In the summer season, you can sit and rest for hours by putting your feet in the water. Have a lot of fun in the water with an aqua bike, paddle boat, canoe, boat and pontoon. From great fishing trips, beautiful campsites to water sports, make your trip a memorable one.


  • This Minnesota nature lover is the perfect place to walk the long trails and explore the entire park and be entertained.
  • The main activities here are fishing and hunting.

Activities:-There is plenty of things to entertain people of all ages in this park. The park has a boat ramp, a sand swimming beach and enjoy lakeside walks. In this entire park, you get to see 18 sites which attract tourists with different lengths, levels and sufficient distance. It includes two large pavilions, two sand lakes, two smaller shelters, eighteen RV campsites, disc golf, boat, beach and grill. Enjoy watching the amazing and beautiful view of the park at sunset.

What to expect:- It is quite exciting to visit this small but charming park in the USA, especially with kids. The beach and the lake in the park are a great place to have fun in the water. Enjoy watching the whole park, meeting the animals, feeling nature while riding a bike on the grass field. In the park you are provided with fire rings, free WiFi, picnic tables and all the facilities like electricity, water when the temperature drops significantly at night.

Plan to visit:– Make sure to visit this magnificent park with your family, kids and friends. It is open to its visitors throughout the year. Entrance to the park is from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is closed on Sunday and Saturday. The entry fee is $50 for all and $45 for those 65 or older. Admission is $50 for senior citizens on holidays and $55 for all other ages.

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