Penfield Beach

A popular beachfront among many fair fielders, Penfield Beach has a long stretch of 3.5 acres of sandy beach. Penfield Beach is a great place for swimming and seeing panoramic views of the sunrise. The beach features huge playgrounds, picnic tables, and several pavilions for events and parties with friends as well as family. The natural beauty of the beach soothes the soul, with bright sunlight to sunbathe. Penfield Beach is also dog friendly (leashed) to have a pleasant morning walk on rocky & sandy ground. The beach offers covered outdoor space, indoor & outdoor event space, and a mesmerizing waterfront. Enjoy natural light and a distinct atmosphere at the beach. There are many pavilions to host events, meetings, receptions, and office parties to experience in the lap of nature. Take a scenic walk and swim in crystal clear water.


Penfield Beach Stretch

A large sandy stretch with sensational views near a marina is heaven to a nature lover. The beach includes playgrounds, a skating park, and volleyball poles for visitors to play with friends and children. Enjoy watching fireworks and bonfires on the beach with your closest special one. Capture a glimpse at the beach of watch the exquisite waterfront. Walk along the sandy stretch!

Penfield Pavilions

With accommodation facilities, and warm furnishing, the pavilions provide a perfect backdrop to an open waterfront. The pavilion features an arched cathedral ceiling and luxurious decoration with a rich wooden finish to transform a normal into a lively cocktail hour. There are many amenities, such as tables, chairs, a high-quality music system, a screen, and a modern feeling to feel in real-time.

The Marina

The marina has serene views and decorated radiations at sunset, providing captivating scenery and a tranquil feel. There are plenty of watersports like swimming, boating, fishing, and kayaking to enjoy. The marina offers a complete serene sanctuary vista to create exceptional memories of once-in-a-lifetime. Enjoy swimming in clean water to build muscle strength.

Facts: –

  1. Penfield Beach is spread on 3.5 acres of area, in Fairfield.
  2. Penfield Beach is a part of the Penfield Complex.

Activities: – Penfield Beach is a picturesque waterfront destination for visitors to enjoy picnicking with family or friends. The beach is a trendy spot in Fairfield for having lots of watersports, elegant ocean views, long sandy pathways, and alluring opportunities for playing on the beach. Reserve a pavilion (year-round) with an inclusive coastal area. There are multiple event spaces, picnic areas, food concessions, picnic areas with public grills, and restrooms for visitors. Penfield Beach offers a beautiful covered area facing the tide pool, for wedding and event venues.

What to Expect: – Penfield Beach has a wide spread of sand, offering many pavilions, picnic tables, restaurants, and playgrounds for kids. You can have event venues, meetings along the beachfront, and recreational games. Enjoy swimming, boating, walking, and collecting sea shells and colorful rocks at the beach. Listen to the soothing sound of tide pools! You can enjoy water surfing in tide pools if you are an expert surfer. Show your next-level photography through your camera.

Plan your Visit: – Penfield Beach is open for visitors from 10 am to 11 pm. Experience the rustic comfort in the atmosphere of the beach. The beach is handicap accessible. Grill your favorite food and make concessions. Sit and unwind on the beach! Plan your wedding venue in the pavilions of the beach.

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