Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park

Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park is a water park located in The City of Salina in Kansas, USA. This enthralling water park welcomes its guests with slide waves featuring family vibes. This real amusement park attracts millions of people every year. One of the best and largest municipal water parks in the USA, this park has provided facilities worth $15 million so that the visitors are entertained to the fullest without facing any kind of difficulties.


    Water walking in the park

There is a 1 mile-Long River in Park surrounded by lush green plants and colorful flowers in a picturesque environment, this river provides a beautiful view. It is quite amusing to see the views of the park while walking around this water park. Here you can take part in the water exercise program and have a lot of fun. However, children below the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the event.

Exhibition of this park

Come here to visit this park, one of the largest municipal water parks in Kansas, USA. In this water park, you get to see a large, medium, and small slides, kiddy pull areas, interactive water play facilities, spray and play fountains, wave ponds as well as much more. The pleasure of doing activities here with these things is not found anywhere else. There is something here for swimming abilities and individuals of all ages. Enjoy water basketball, water obstacle courses, and lap lanes here as well.

Water slides of Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park

Children’s play area with 1400 feet of slides, thrill rides, and a great attraction for the whole family is a must-visit water park. Here you jump 12 feet down a bridge and enjoy the slide before walking around the tornado slide. There are 4 slides in this aquatic park that slides from a height of 35 feet. There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed at the water park. This low-cost aquatic park has everything you need to make a family-friendly feel like a real island.


  • Go down 275 feet to the river slide to slide into the Smoky Lazy River, an inner tube slide.
  • The most popular attraction of the water park is the Tsunami Vortex slide which slides under 78 feet.

Activities:-In this fantastic water park in Salina you will find five big water slides in which two are body slides, two inner tube slides, and one is very fast-moving bowl slide which is quite exciting and entertaining. The park is the best place to hang out, eat, and have fun with the whole family at a reasonable price. Be sure to come here to enjoy the swimming pool, lazy river, and wave pool as well as diving boards and an ultimate depth of 12 feet. It is the best place for the whole family, couples, and activity enthusiasts on a hot summer day.

What to expect:-There are many things to do in this water park. Especially for children, this water park filled with clean facilities attracts people from everywhere. The serene river, party rental cabanas, lots of shed structures, and much more are here that provide plenty of entertainment. Have a dive of fun in this park as a summer destination for great rides. Have fun at Funder storm, it is a 54-inch tube slide that drops 320 feet and is the biggest slide ever.

Plan to visit:- Be sure to visit the Kenwood Cove Aquatic Water Park with your family and kids. It is open to its guests for twelve months. Here in the aquifer, program begins on Monday. Entry fee is free for children up to age 2, $4 for ages 3 to 17, $7 for ages 15 to 61, and $4 for those over 62. You can enter here from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.

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