The Discovery-Terry Lee Wells

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, known as discovery, is a special place to visit. From family fun to educational atmosphere, gallery, exhibit school trip you will get many more things to explore in Reno. Teri Lee Wells Navada Discovery Museum is one of the best places to visit where kids can have endless opportunities to see the natural world and science while having fun. There are lots of activities and programs for senior citizens too. The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is located at 490S. Center Street, South in downtown Renu, United States. Funded by more than $8 million in grants, the museum offers a variety of special programs and initiatives on which visitors ranging from children to senior citizens, in particular, are curious, creative, and delighted.



Playgrounds and interior views

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum’s 67,000 square feet of ever-changing exhibits focus on the science of technology, history, engineering art, and invention. There are different types of interesting play items for children to play, with which children can learn more and more things and get information. The interior of the museum contains many amazing things including USBC approved plastic coated things, watersheds, individual child toys, altimeters, children’s learning equipment, specific artifacts, and half of which hosts featured exhibits.


Discovery museum of marine life

Rare species and monster-sized fish are also regularly seen in Discovery’s many amazing exhibits. Various types of rare flora and fauna which we are impossible to see in ordinary life are in the museum here, from which children can get a lot of information by just seeing it.

Large dinosaur fossils and human skeletons

Discovery Museum’s Center for Behavioral Sciences hosts featured exhibits. The fascinating events and interesting facts here also include the skeletons of humans and fossils of dinosaurs, from which you get information about the terrible creatures and humans of previous birth. The mind gets further excited to know and see such unique mysterious things where discovery and learning both can be done in a highly educational way.


  • “The Terry Lee Wells Foundation” was founded in 1999 by Reno native Terry Lee Wells, a strong and important supporter of Discovery.
  • The Terry Lee Wells Foundation was dissolved in May 2018, but the foundation’s legacy is represented by an incredible and long-standing partnership with the museum.


Activities: The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, Nevada’s largest applied science center, is designed to inspire creative curiosity and the joy of learning in visitors. Best place to visit for school kids, ladies, senior citizens, and a family that welcomes a plethora of visitors. Several events, a beautiful lakefront, seasonal camps for kids, school field trips can be enjoyed. Olympic style and summer sports for elite citizens never get old here.


What to expect: Terry Lee Wells is the heart of Nevada’s Reno. Interesting and unique creatures in the museum, maintenance of objects, playground gallery, and exhibits. There are many ways to use the space in Discovery for meetings and special events in Discovery near a birthday party or busy group, including getting customized rentals. Go to discovery and enjoy all these things and stimulate your mind and senses.


Plan to visit: Discovery Terry Lee Wells is open Monday in the summer and Tuesday to Sunday all days. There is a general admission fee of $12 for adults and $10 for children and seniors ages 1 to 17. It is easily accessible by public transport from anywhere in the city. In addition to the offices and seasonal camps, make sure to engage children in many seminars and lectures the museum offers and watch their imaginations grow.

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