Tamarack marketplace

One of West Virginia's wonderful parks, the Tamarack Marketplace is home to the world's most diverse ecosystem. This place gives you a sense of the natural environment and scenic views. Welcome to this park surrounded by mountains, valleys, and flowing waterfalls. Tamarack Marketplace, located in Beckley, West Virginia, USA, is a beautiful tourist destination, which attracts more than 500,000 tourists a year.


Gallery of Tamarack Marketplace

The gallery here organizes a unique and innovative exhibition for its visiting guests. The unique talents of artists from all over West Virginia can be seen in this gallery. Fine Art Gallery of Tamarack showcases the talents of over 500 artists. Virtual galleries, youth galleries, and open-air galleries make this place even more beautiful.

Events of Tamarack Marketplace

Guests come here to enjoy a look at West Virginia’s most fascinating event and wedding venue. Everywhere all around it you will find a new thing on display. The special events here are wedding reception, wedding ceremony, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, and bridal lunch. Be sure to visit here for the custom catering, flexible layouts, and convenient parking.

Tamarack Marketplace culinary

Apart from the landscape and all the views of the park, the Marketplace also attracts visitors to Culinary. Chili-Cook-Off competes at the World Championship level in Marketplace. Enjoy the whole day here enjoying live music and having a cold local beer. From 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM one can taste the chili which is world famous. The entrance fee here is $5.


  • Surrounded by mountains, this place in the Beckley is a curetted selection of the works of over 28 hundred selected artisans and artists from 55 counties.
  • Hosted by the Fine Art Gallery, from June 25 to August 15, the exhibition is open to any Virginia artist or artisan.


Activities:-The view of this beautiful place located in Beckley is very breathtaking. The mountains that surround it provides a magical view. You can consider yourself lucky while traveling in the natural environment here. There is much to see in the park’s fine art gallery, exhibits, artwork, and more. There are many exciting things we can learn and see from the exhibition of artwork that explores the past and modern culture.


What to expect:-There is something for every guest at the Tamarack Marketplace. Fine arts, specialty foods, craft facilities, large arts, books, and recordings from West Virginia can be found here. The gallery and theater in the park showcase interesting exhibits and live entertainment. Here is the spired building with a red roof that is one of the fascinating things. Be sure to visit this talent-filled place to see the art gallery, concert series, and artist performances every week.


Plan to visit:-This site is open to visitors daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. but is closed on Tuesdays. Come here to spend your vacation with your kids, family, and friends to witness the natural diversity and unique scenery. In the spring all the artifacts are displayed here and there are many activities for the children.

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