Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Located between Aspen and Vail, experience one of the hottest pools of the world in Colorado. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is the largest mineral water pool with thousands of gallons water at a temperature 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is an iconic and relaxing experience for everyone. Glenwood Hot Springs is mineral-rich water that soothes your body as well as your soul. This historic destination gives you a modern experience in its comfortable lounge. Here is an aquatic playing field for kids where they can enjoy swimming, soaking, playing, and splashing in the pool at any time of year. This place offers visitors endless opportunities to stay active and enjoy the natural views. Witness the scenic views of mountains and majestic pools and enjoy shopping and nightlife. For summer and winter warm-up, natural warming pool is a great place to visit. Local people call it “Yampah” which means big medicine.


Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is a unique destination where you can re-energize yourself. Soak yourself for 15 minutes in the water and heal your tired muscles. The pool has natural healing water where you can enjoy swimming, splashing, and soaking. The pool has rejuvenating and refreshing qualities with a soothing spa. The pool is wheelchair accessible and provides a comfortable lodge and locker facility to the guests.

Glenwood Hot Springs Therapy Pool

Glenwood Hot Springs Therapy Pool is a hot tub that is useful to soothe muscles and boast the body. The Therapy pool provides comfort along with many health benefits. Submerged benches and a bank of bubble chairs provide a relaxing and refreshing time.

Sopris Splash Zone

Sopris Splash Zone offers new opportunities for fun and memorable experience. It is a children’s area that featuring mini-water slides, waterfalls, and fountains to enjoy with water activities. There is plenty of open-air tube rides with many twists and turns to explore. For protection from the sun, there are shade structures too. Sopris Splash Zone is best for thrills and laughs with adventures.


  1. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool’s water contain minerals like boron, potassium, sulfate and more.
  2. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool was known as Yampah which means big medicine.



Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is one of the hottest and largest pools for family fun with an aquatic playground for kids. The pool offers warm water to relax and play. It provides a therapy pool tub to soak in, swimming and splashing. There are small water slides, fountains, zero-depth pool for kids. The soothing spa and breathtaking vistas will make your day here.


What to Expect

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is a treasure to visit. You can expect beautiful mountain views from the pool. The pool offers swimming, soaking, splashing, water slides, and open-air tube rides for healing of the soul. Enjoy natural warm water in both the hot tub and swimming pool. There are plenty of spa rooms, sauna, and lockers to keep personal belongings. You can play swim laps, splash and see natural views. The zero-depth pool is especially for kids to play.


Plan your visit

You can come here all year round from 9 am to 9 pm. The entrance rate and ticket price may vary from time to time and season. So, you can directly call them for inquiry. Come and soak in the world’s largest Hot Spring Pool where you can show off your best dives and swim laps.

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