Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Looking for a big exciting aquarium in Virginia, Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is the best place, located in Virginia Beach. Since opening in 1986, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center has been a tourist and scientific center and has attracted 11 million guests (including 1 million students). The aquarium has two main exhibit buildings- the aquarium Bay and the Main Building, and the South Building. The buildings are connected by a nature trail of one-third of a mile. Combined, the two buildings are home to over 12,000 animals featuring over 700 species, hands-on exhibits, and large tanks with different offerings (display, and touch tanks). There are many new animals around the world to showcase, including Komodo dragons, tomistoma, spotted eagle rays, and cuttlefish. The Marine Science Center is well worth a place to enhance knowledge about the life cycle of aquatic creatures and enjoy a boat tour with family.


The Chesapeake Bay Aquarium

The Chesapeake Bay Aquarium is a unique part that showcases hypsoblennius hentz, and hermit crabs, allowing them to touch whelks, horseshoe crabs, and Forbes’ sea stars. The exhibit includes shallow water species of crabs found around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Restless Planet

The Restless Planet features five interactive displays a Malaysian peat swamp, a replica of the Mediterranean Sea, the coastal desert, a Red Sea exhibit, and a recreation of an Indonesian volcanic island, and new hands-on exhibits to explore. This is also home to Komodo dragons, tomistoma, spotted eagle rays, zebra shark, the Egyptian cobra, hedgehog, and cuttlefish.

Chesapeake Light Tower Aquarium

The Chesapeake Light Tower Aquarium has 70000 US gallons that reproduce up to 15 miles of underwater environment for loggerhead, green sea turtle, and many other species of turtles, featuring Atlantic tripletail, Atlantic goliath grouper, and permits.



  • The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center also called the Virginia Marine Science Museum, tripled its size in 1995.
  • The aquarium was established on June 14, 1986.


Activities:- Aquarium provides an amazing diversity of aquatic animals throughout the world, gallery programs, up-close & Personal, virtual pods, Grab-go-show bags, Touch Tanks, a Discovery garden, and Nature trail, owls creek Garden & Deck. Take a serene walk along Owls creeks and through tunnels to encounter aquatic life. Enjoy a boat tour, amazing tunnel walking along animal showcases, and learn about underwater life through educational programs and camps.


What you Expect: Aquarium & marine science center is a hub of educational programs, and youth camps to enhance the experience and enjoy gallons of fun. At the aquarium, there are a lot of interesting touch pools, nature trails, a zip line area, rope courses, and informative exhibits to learn about conservation efforts. You can spot eagle rays, spider crabs, komodo dragons, cattle fish, and numerous displayed species of marine habitats.

Plan your visit: A trip to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Centre to enjoy the underwater world, restless planet, and the Aviary. The Aquarium is open every day a year from 9 am to 6 pm. The aquarium is handicap-friendly. The Marine Science Center includes entry tickets of $20 for 3 to 11 ages and $25 for ages 12 and above. Touch the horseshoe crabs in the pool!

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