Bruce Museum

If you’re an explorer and want to explore finely-detailed artworks and the imaginations of artists! The Bruce Museum is a place for all ages to learn and have fun. Bruce Museum has a wide collection of picturesque artifacts, alluring sculptures, works on paper, photographs, and rare paintings by European and American artists. The museum hosts several inclusive events and programs for art students to promote local and global artists. Established in 1912, the Bruce Museum draws more than 70,000 visitors annually to visit.


Museum Events

Bruce Museum has a variety of indoor and outdoor events and festivals, featuring unique and exquisite works from around the world by extraordinary artists and craftspeople. The museum holds many events to support the priceless artifacts and educational programming for learners. Explore exciting art that provides a great experience for the community and visitors. The events explain the development of Greenwich and surrounding areas (environment and historical).

Museum Collection

Bruce Museum developed a diverse collection of canvas, decorative art, selected items through gifts and purchases, and complimentary paintings. There are over 15,000 objects, historical photographs, authentic sculptures, a history collection, ethnology collection, textile, science, and multimedia composition for visitors to explore.

Museum Exhibits

Bruce Museum features dozens of permanent exhibits of art & science, providing diversity in natural history and cultures. The exhibit includes top fine arts by recognized regional artists, appreciating art to enrich lives and focusing on Native Americans. There are many showcases of large mineral crystals, fish, birds, and diverse fossils from prehistoric eras.

Facts: –

  1. Bruce Museum was established in 1912.
  2. For over 40 years, the museum has hosted art festivals.
  3. The museum preserves uniquely-styled drawings created by famous painters over 100 years, which highlight thoughts, history, and facts about the artworks.

Activities: – Bruce Museum has multiple collections of art, science, sculpture, and textiles, including prints, drawings, gowns, and accessories around the country. The museum shares historical detail, context, and fun facts about artworks and objects. Explore the miscellaneous and extensive collection which includes specimens, shells, and some extinct and endangered corals. There are many symbolic designs that represent the wishes and feelings of artists through paintings.

What to expect: – Bruce Museum is home to various exhibitions of artworks and historical photographs. The museum holds hundreds of displays where you can explore the exhibits of fossils of some exceptional rare species of invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes from worldwide localities. You can see the American material culture transition from the Colonial period to today through history collection, which includes information about archeological sites, artifacts, and selected posters from World War 1. Learn history as well as fun facts about objects. Bruce Museum manages many exhibits of archeology, history, geology, and galleries related to the arts and sciences, providing opportunities for students to learn about art through a diverse array of lectures, events, educational programming, and films throughout the year.


Plan your visit: – Bruce Museum opens daily from 10 am to 5 pm except Monday for visitors. Bruce Museum houses art galleries, permanent mineral galleries, and special events all year. The admission fee is $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors (65 and above), and free for children under 5. The museum is also free on Tuesday. Explore the art installations and uniquely designed sculptures. Get the taste of rare items!

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