Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park, Clarksburg, West Virginia, is adjacent to beautiful Marumsco Creek, 14300 Veterans Drive, Woodbridge. The park is a must-visit spot for nature lovers and trail enthusiasts. Veterans Memorial Park is an urban oasis encompassing the sprawl of the City of Emporia with a large open lawn area to attract butterflies and beautiful birds. Veterans Memorial Park is elongated over an area of 97 acres and is a beautiful park consisting of rolling hills, grassy areas, picnic spots, a large pavilion, camping areas, and a community recreation activities center. The history of Veteran Memorial Park is known for the military officers and their sacrifices for the Nation.


Mayor’s Fitness Trail

Mayor’s Fitness Trail is a trail in Clarksburg West Virginia that was started in Village Richfield. The trail is 3.86 miles long hiking trail that offers scenic views and is famous for recreational activities like Walking, Running, Sidewalks, Main Park water activities, biking, separate picnic area

Dog’s Park

The Dog Park is a fenced area where dogs can run legally and safely without a leash. Some of the well-known amenities, include benches, Dog litter bags, Doggie Fountain, and a let’s rest Platform. The park consists of trees, landscaping, and agility equipment. The Dog Park is located at Veteran’s Memorial Park, baseball fields in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Veterans Day Celebration

On Veterans Day, eight flagpoles surround the monuments in memory of military officers. Flying flags are hosted for each military branch, namely a POW-MIA flag, a Virginia state flag, and a U.S. flag. The Veteran’s honor wall was completed in 2015 for the Veterans Day service. The wall was made of black granite with a list of names of 1236 servicemen and women.


  • In 2004, Veterans Memorial Park opened as a public park for Giles County.
  • The amazing waterfall carve symbolizes the war and its elements, a tribute to military forces.
  • Veterans Memorial Park encourages the soul of the people who did great for the Nation.


The Veterans Memorial Park in West Virginia is the best location for various sports leagues, including swimming, soccer, football, baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball. The Management Center of the park hosts an open-air gym and specific days for basketball, dance classes, playschool, summer camps, and other activities.

What to Expect:

Veterans Memorial Park is a must-visit place for nature lovers, hiking, and trail enthusiasts. This park has a 7,200-square-foot skateboard park specifically for skating featuring bumps and moguls. Not only this, but the Veterans Park is also choreographed with a full-size indoor basketball court for locals and visitors to have fun.

Plan your Visit

Plan your visit and book your tickets in advance to make the Veterans Memorial Park trip memorable. The park remains open from 2 pm to 6 pm. To enjoy the water activities and fun park, an individual is charged $6, and for a car trailing $5 per person. The park is accessible to the public all around the year. So, plan and enjoy your trip.

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