Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

"I like geography best because your mountains & rivers know the secret; pay no attention to borders,” says Brian Andreas. If you are in Texas, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is an excellent vacation spot. Here is the site to explore nature in its most raw beauty. Perfect for a lot of activities like hiking, climbing, canoeing, and camping that if you are wandering for a break from your busy schedule, you can come to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. This 200-acre park in Plano, Texas has various kinds of facilities for fun including 2.8 miles off-road bike trail, 3 miles of unpaved hiking, restrooms, a covered pavilion, and a playground. You can book the pavilion for special events. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is located at 6701 W Parker Rd, Plano, TX, 20miles north of downtown Dallas



  1. Health Benefits – Going on a mountain has health benefits too. Start noticing the difference with the fresh air, that is free from harmful gasses or air pollution. The flora up in the mountain has a magical advantage to keep you stress-free and transmits happy vibes. Climbing a mountain can teach you numerous life and personal skills that are beneficial in day-to-day life. Go out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve with your family or loved ones, create memories and have fun.


  1. Hiking– Finding a spot to hike in North Texas is challenging. But you can come to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and let your explorer go wild. Unleash the adventurous side of yours. When you are out there, finding your path, you are constantly reminded of your strength. Let the fear kick in, set new goals, and move ahead when you hike at this place. Apart from the hike, you can also try climbing, canoeing, and camping.



  1. Preserve– Understanding nature and saving it from depleting is the only way we can leave earth in a good state for the next generation. Take it as your responsibility and keep the place clean. Be aware and watchful for wild animals. To enjoy all the resources that are accessible to us right now, the team at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve makes sure that it remains the same for the future as well. Just that the environment here stays healthy, make sure you act as stewards of the park.




  1. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve has won numerous awards such as the 1999 Merit Award & 1998 Honor Award – Design Unrealized. The architectural elements of the preserve reflect the Texas farmstead heritage.


Activities: The best thing to do at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is to experience the hiking and biking trail. There is also a playground for kids where they can lose all their energy in playing. The wonderful landscapes are what make it a happy and peaceful place to visit. Photography is also a nice option here.


Plan your Visit: On Thursday to Tuesday this place opens from 5 am to 11 pm but on Wednesday it opens from 2 to 11 pm. On weekends, it is most likely to be crowded so arrive early.


What to Expect: You can reserve the park’s three pavilions for any special event that offers a scenic view of landscapes. Either you are here for a birthday party or a simple visit Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is always a great choice to visit. The main three regions of the park i.e Blackland Prairie, Riparian Forest, and Upland Forest gives you the opportunity to get closer to many birds and wildlife.

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