Anchorage-Portage Glacier

Imagine sitting on a stone at the edge of the flowing water and when you look up, you will see mountains covered with snow. You must have seen many pictures of such scenarios but you can experience them in real at Portage Glacier. Yes, it is Alaska’s most accessible and loved travel destination. This place is nothing less than a jewel in a valley studded with alpine glaciers. It is located on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska(US), 6 km west of Whittier and to the south of Portage Lake. This can be your top travel destination this year. You can go there by yourself to rejuvenate or with your favorite group to enjoy. The length of the Glacier is around 6 miles (9.656 km).

Portage Glacier Cruises

When you reach here, you will know why Portage Glacier is one of the most popular attractions in Alaska. When you witness the sheer beauty of the Alaska glacier located just an hour from Anchorage, you will be in awe. The best part is you do it while cruising across the Portage lake on the mv Ptarmigan. The stunning view of fractures of ice breaking and falling into the water will leave you in awe. You can witness this picturesque incident from a distance of 300 yards.


Portage Glacier

Portage Glacier is like the 10 stories building, miles in length, and is accessible by boat. The cruise takes a trip multiple times a day throughout summer. When you are here, talk to the Forest Service Rangers to know more about the Portage Valley’s geology, wildlife, and history. Well, don’t stop just with the Portage Glacier, go ahead and explore the Burns, and Shakespeare’s glaciers that stand close to it as well.


Trail of Blue Ice

When you are at Portage Glacier more beaches wait for you back on land. You can move to the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center, run by the National Forest Service, you can learn about the glaciers and history. It is the starting point from where you can begin to hike. The trail is 5 miles with a proper pathway connecting the campground for both hikers and bikers.



Thomas Corwin named the Portage Glacier in 1898. The reason behind it was that this route was the portage route of Prince William Sound and Turnagain Arm.



This place gives you an hour’s pleasure by getting close up of glacier. From the inner viewpoint platforms see the beautiful scenes outside. It also gives you plenty of experiences including hiking, boating, and kayaking.


Plan your visit

You can visit the Portage Glacier anytime in the year. Get closer to the glacier by taking a boat or paddling across in a kayak. During winter the portage lake is frozen completely and is accessible only by foot. It is famous for its winter hike too. The best time to come here is mid-May to early September.


What to Expect

Being one of the most popular glaciers in Alaska, Portage Glacier offers plenty of adventures to visitors. You can reach this place via bus, boat, or car tour as per your compatibility. From the visitor center, Glacier is not visible but you can see the icebergs over the lake.

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