Busch Garden

Williams Busch Gardens, located in James City County near the United States, is the favorite amusement park for visitors. It is a popular destination for children, adults, and all to visit and spend a holiday. This garden is also known as ‘The Old Country’. Located in Virginia, this garden offers guests a memorable, inspiring, and fun experience. It is spread over 130 acres of land. The garden is an action-packed amusement and adventure park with a European theme. The attractions here includes live stage shows over 50 rides as well as delicious culinary experiences.


Roller coaster of Busch Garden

Busch Garden has the world’s fastest multi-launch roller coaster with a speed of 73 mph. This coaster is 180 feet long, which breaks all the world records. This roller coaster offers the best of fun to the guests here. You can come here and enjoy the ride of the roller coaster to the fullest. By becoming a member you can get benefits such as free parking, discounts, and free tickets. Its membership fee is only $13.25 per month.

Animals Encounter at Busch Gardens

The visitors to this garden can see the lovely Poppy and Thistle cow here. This lovely cow is known for her long hair. Many unique creatures, natural scenes can be witnessed in the Busch garden. But the Clydesdale draft horse here is particularly appealing to the visitors. This horse, on the verge of extinction, is being gradually improved by the Busch Gardens. And in today’s time, it is a source of entertainment to the guests.

Unique Fauna of Busch Garden

William Garden is surrounded by unique fauna, seeing which you can feel good. Snakes like ball python and king snake are also found here. Many varieties of species like colorful birds, different types of rats, and red fox attracts the attention of the visitors. These animals and fauna are taken under special care with the aim of their protection and preservation.


  • One of the highlights of Busch Gardens is the ‘Roller coaster’ that was nominated as the fourth best steel coaster at the annual Golden Ticket Awards.
  • About 2.78 million visitors attended this Garden in North America in 2015.

Activities:-Williams Busch Gardens is the 20th most beautiful theme park in the world. These parks offer a hidden adventure for people of all ages. In this artistically made terrain, there is a mixed view of 9 villages of about 6 countries. According to the season, a variety of unique animals, including brown wolf, long-haired cow, red dog, Clydesdale horse, and many beautiful birds can be seen here.


What to expect:-Busch Gardens is the largest water park in Virginia so visitors can have a lot of fun during the slides. You can see the mysterious gray wolf, black face shape, precious birds like eagles, and colorful parrots in this garden. This garden never disappoints its visitors. Important safety and health care are taken during a visit to Busch Gardens.

Plan to visit: – It is a beautiful place to visit for guests of all ages. There are many amazing things to do. There is no entry fee for children up to 5 years of age to visit Busch Gardens, $132 for children ages 6 to 12, and $155 for those over the age of 13. Enjoy the theme park and water park here. You can enjoy the show and the enchanting lush green forested landscape and  ambiance along with your favorite ride.

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