Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum

The Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum is situated in an 8,000-square-foot building in a 1890s train depot. This museum tells the story of engineer Casey Jones. Railroad Museum is dedicated to Casey's life and is located next to Casey Jones's historic home. In this museum, one can see a 35-ton locomotive and Casey’s engine 382. Kids of all ages are welcome to climb and ring the bell just like Casey. The enthusiasts of Civil War times will enjoy our permanent exhibit known as "The Railroads and The Civil War in Tennessee". Here at the Museum, it is a proud moment to have the Jackson Room. This room is dedicated to the town's rich railroad history.


Museum Theater

Museum Theater entertains the enthusiasts of Civil War times. Interested visitors can enjoy the short movie related to the story of Casey Jones and the famous last ride. In addition to this, the theater also exhibits the story of a walk-through of Casey Jones Home, their pictures, Casey’s engine, and many more related to civil war times.

Old Country Store

The old Country Store is a family-friendly location in Jackson, Tennessee. On this site, people will find southern food, gift shops, and many more activities that you can enjoy the whole day. Visitors visiting the place must have a meal at the Old Country Store. In addition, the farm, Dixie Cafe, Village chapel, and café are also very famous.

Soda Fountain Company

The famous Soda Fountain Company was founded in 1891 by John Lippincott. After 16 years of starting the soda factory in the year 1789, bottled soda was sold in the stores. In the 20th century, the fountain company extended its menu and became a better restaurant today.


  • It is a 19th-century railroad engineer museum whose actions are memorialized during a train wreck.
  • Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum is related to Casey’s life and famous last ride.


Casey Jones Home and Railway Museum, Jackson, Tennessee celebrates the life of Jones and the steam age of railroading. Plan your tour to the new 8,000-square-foot museum known as the engineer’s restored home and a life-size replica of his 382 locomotives. You can come to know about various knowledgeable things about rail here.

What you Expect

At Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum, enjoy a short film on the story related to Casey Jone’s life and famous last ride. Make sure you explore Casey Jones Village also. The destination also has a rare soda fountain that is approximately 75 years old.

Plan your Visit

Plan your visit to Casey Home and get the best experience of the trip. Explore the life of legend Casey Jones in Tennessee. The ticket costs $6.50 for adults and $4.50 for children. The place remains open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Plan ahead and get familiar with the place so you can spend some quality time here. The place is perfect to come with family.

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