Arizona Museum of Natural History

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is situated in the Mesa on MacDonald and Main Streets. It’s an old government building that is carefully renovated into a museum covering the history of the natural world but focusing more on Arizona history.


A visit to the Arizona museum is a day plunged in history that inspires wonder, respect, and understanding towards the natural and cultural history of the Southwest. Here the guided tours, artifacts, photos, and fossils remind us of everything that was on earth before human existence. The premier Arizona museum of natural history is a must-see for dinosaur lovers. Also known as the “dinosaur museum”, the Arizona museum has the largest collection of dinosaur fossils.


The museum’s admission desk is situated in the Cenozoic lobby. A large mammoth from prehistoric age will greet you at the entrance. As you enter the museum, you will be enthralled by the inside view. The center point of attraction is Dinosaur Mountain; it is having animatronic dinosaurs, a three-story waterfall, and a flash flood that happens every 20 minutes. You will also find a Dino Hall having articulated dinosaur and flying pterosaur skeleton.


Dino Zone is a popular spot among children as they can interact with the dinosaur models. The hands-on activities at the Arizona Museum are also super impressive. There are puzzling games in all shapes and sizes. The kids will definitely love these and there are so many different types of games to enjoy. At the backside of the courtyard, you can also experience the fun gold panning activity with kids. You can also take a selfie with the T. Rex or ride on the back of a Pentaceratops.


The museum also has a dig pit to uncover the real dinosaur bone that you can touch with your hand. Apart from the dinosaurs, the rest of the museum is full of the history of Arizona’s native’s and there is a small section that covers the pottery of the local tribe. There are galleries where you can learn about the features of Arizona that put Arizona on the map. You can also visit the mines and original escape-proof pioneer jail cells.

The museum has a lot more value than just an entertainment venue. It is a research institution for archeology and paleontology and a perfect fun place to enjoy with family. Nonetheless, you will love the Arizona Museum of Natural History as it is a place where kids and adults can enjoy themselves together.

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