Crater Lake National Park

Planning to discover new fun at the National Park while visiting in Oregon? Here you are going to know about the only national park of state, Carter Lake National Park, in southwestern Oregon. The park mainly features the deepest lake of United States, the Carter Lake, formed more than 7700 years ago by eruption of volcano and collapse of Mount Mazama. The national park has hundreds mile of trails, picturesque lake, mountain summits, luxurious lodges, campgrounds and in-park activities for visitors. Crater Lake National Park has 740 square kilometers of geologically rich area with adorable nature settings within boundary that is surrounded by towering cliffs, volcano and islands, on cascade mountain range. Take a 33-mile long drive around the Rim of the Caldera, featuring scenic pullouts and cascading waterfall. Explore special evening programs throughout the year, especially during the winters. The park is non-profit organization that protects unique water clarity and preserves animal species.


Crater Lake

Crater Lake is awe-inspiring Caldera Lake having deep intense blue water coming from rainfall and melting snow, featuring two islands. The lake offers everything from fishing, boating, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing to visitors. Learn about the climate change and dramatic color changing effects of surroundings. Crater Lake is blue jewel that is popular among artists, sightseers, photographers and nature lovers for its magical scenery, atop of Mount Mazama.

Crater Lake Park Trails

The Crater Lake Park has lots of easy and moderately challenging trails for hiking, mountain biking, walking, picnicking, running and relaxing in scenic vistas. There are plenty of wildflowers in grassy meadow, wildlife and birds to watch along the path. Enjoy looking at color changing environment over the lake from trails. Explore several landmarks that are easily visible from summit.

Crater Lake Park Forest

The national park is gigantic area offering four forest zones to explore. Each of the forest named after its dominant tree species like hemlock, fir and pine. Enjoy natural beauty of thick forest, walking, hiking on forest trails and outstanding wildlife sighting. The forests shelter thousands of animals and other colorful creatures.



  1. Crater Lake National Park is the only national park in Oregon which established on May 22, 1902.
  2. Crater Lake is ninth deepest lake in the world and the deepest lake in United States.


Activities: Explore the hidden treasure of the park, the Crater Lake, sits under cloudy sky on the mount. Enjoy hiking, cycling, camping, scuba diving, boating, fishing, snowmobiling, natural panorama in summer and sledding in the park. Crater Lake Park hosts several educational and junior-ranger programs for kids. There are many gift shops, campgrounds, little cabins and stargazing opportunities. You can also take part in winter adventure sports of skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the park.

What to Expect: The national park is scenic landscape with unique natural and cultural heritage. The park is permanent home of diverse species of mammals, birds and fishes. Crater Lake National Park is filled with wonders of nature. The park includes show-capped peaks, trails, wildlife spotting and scenery of Crater Lake along field of wildflowers. If you didn’t want to play in water, don’t worry! You can enjoy walking on shore to admire the beauty of lake and majestic peak views.


Plan Your Visit: Crater Lake Park is all year round destination. The park is ideal place for picnic with family and friends. The park has something for everyone to have fun. Test your cycling skills and admire the gorgeous nature at your leisure! Explore interesting scientific questions of the Carter Lake!

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