Nevada Northern Railway Museum

Nevada Northern Railway Museum was built most probably a century ago and offered its services to become one of the biggest copper mines in North America. Till today, all the copper mines and coal-fired standard gauge are in operation that was started over and before 110 years ago. This Railway Museum is one of the most preserved short-line gauges in Northern America. Century-old steam engines and train rides are so featured that they still carry the historical passengers and are a registered National Historical locomotive center. Everything here including a blacksmith shop for silver jewels and screen and original and handwritten pay ledgers and is incredibly preserved in Ely’s Nevada Northern Railway Museum. Only guided tours, rides and sunset themed holidays are permitted in both seasons.


Cave Lake State Park

Cave Lake State Park is an outstanding place to visit. This Park is spread over an area of 32 acres with rainbow trout and is also home to German brown trout. In addition, a park is also a living place for diverse wildlife. The place is famous for both the seasons around the year summers and winters. In summers activities like swimming, hiking, mountain bike riding, camping, and mountain trekking are sources of entertainment. With the entry of winters, the park welcomes its guests for ice skiing, cross-country skiing, and various other snow activities.

White Pine Public Museum

The biggest and brightest in the year 1867 was the white pine public museum. Ely’s White pine public museum has been trekked by approx. 30,000 souls by the year 1869. It had been a stage stop and post office before new growth development along Murry Creek banks. This development of the copper industry and instruments only became possible within the copper period. And today mining of Ely’s white pine museum and state prison form the basis of Eastern Nevada’s economics.

Ely Renaissance Village

The renaissance society by a group of individuals came into existence in 1999 and the small community is today really strengthened. To showcase the lifestyle of Nevada Community renaissance society was began by commissioning murals. The mining machinery made sculptures and they got hit one by one. Starting from a group of few people to a small 12 shotgun houses and today it turned into a Renaissance Village, famous for artworks and farmer’s market.


  • This operation or project started almost 110 years back
  • Its today known as one of the biggest copper mines in North America.


Knowing all about Navada Northern Railway Museum and its various attractions one must know more in detail regarding the place. The museum remains closed during the Navada holidays and the timings are fixed. In the outskirts steam and diesel locomotives, railway posts, and other sources are open in the presence of staff and for fixed hours. Steamers usually operate on second and fourth Saturdays all subject to the presence and availability of the staff. For more information visit various sites and get to know more about the place.

What you expect:

The round-trip to Navada Northern railway Museum departs from the historic depot in Ely, NV. Today almost various trains have been set One can enjoy the mountain scenery, historical narration, and also have the fun of riding the rails.

Plan your trip:

If you are planning your trip to Navada Northern Railway Museum you must book your 90 minutes train ticket to the spot in advance. This train route is really full of enjoyment. You need to hire a guide so that you can comfortably enjoy the trip without facing much difficulty with the place.

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