Independence National Historical Park

Spread over 55 acres of land, Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA is the most visited historical park in Philadelphia. The park is a federally protected historic district preserving many sites connected to America's founding history and the American Revolution. The park is also known as America's Most Historic Square Mile due to having the most historical sites. This magnificent park attracts lakhs of people every year. Plan a trip to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Events of independence National Historical park

Come here for spectacular shows and events. There is always more than one event going on so you can have great fun here. Winter festival displays featuring tabletop and prairie cultures include hand-made crafts and jewelry. Featuring winter festivities, the Great Park Festival reflects the spirit of humor, hope, generosity, and tradition. You will be amazed to see all this.

Liberty Bell center of historical park

The Liberty Bell is one of the main attractions of the center park. The bell has been used as a symbol by civil rights leaders, abolitionists, women’s suffrage programs, and many others for their fight for equality. Be sure to visit the Liberty Bell Center during your trip.

Benjamin Franklin Museum in this park

 Learn about Franklin’s character and life at Historical Park. Franklin’s special qualities are on display here in 5 rooms with each room focusing on each of the qualities. Among these special qualities, it also displays potentials such as strategic and persuasive, ambitious and rebellious, dutiful and enthusiastic, driven to reform, and full of wonder and inquisitiveness. You will get inspired to learn and do a lot from Franklin’s life here.


  1. A video of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography is presented to tourists at this park in Pennsylvania called “The Library”.
  2. This historic park in Philadelphia was established on July 4, 1956.

Activities:-Tourists can see many historical buildings in this historical park, mainly the First Bank of USA, City Tavern, Second Bank, etc. It is quite amazing for all people to visit this park. Here you can see and learn about the Benjamin Franklin Museum, the Court, and the Postal Service Museum. There is always a big event, program, and function being organized in this magnificent park. These events include Martin Luther King Junior Day, Great American Outdoors Day, Veterans Day, National Public Lands Day, etc.

What to expect:- Take a tour of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell Center, the National Constitution Center, and Congress Hall. Learn about the history of this park in Philadelphia. You can also see computer animation, artworks, and interactive displays here among these there are challenging, fun, and educational exhibits for visitors of all ages. Take your kids to the American Outdoors event at the Benjamin Franklin Museum. Explore artifacts, touchscreens, interactive videos, and mechanical interactive exhibits in the Franklin exhibition room at this historical park that chronicles Franklin’s life and adventures.

Plan to visit:- As a tourist focal point, the building here is available for visitors at any time of the year. Make sure to visit here with the whole family to see the programs like Sunrise Orientation, and Solar Viewing: Sun Fun. It is open to guests throughout the year. It is open from Thursday to Tuesday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It remains closed on Wednesdays. There is no fee to enter here.

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