Lake Conway

In just 3 miles from southwestern Faulkner Country, visit a hidden treasure, Lake Conway, well known for its fishing spot, the biggest lake created by a state wildlife agency. Lake Conway opened in 1951 and drew thousands of local and international visitors from all over the world. The Lake cover 6700 acres of land, featuring various species of many little water creatures, spreads in 8 miles of length. The area consists of a gorgeous lake, beach, magical natural surroundings, boat ramps, picnic area, campsites, fishing pond & instruments, rental boats, and boating lanes to explore. There are many boating lanes for boaters to enjoy and opportunities to enhance their skills in boating. Lake Conway is famous for its large crappie features nursery ponds to provide a survival environment to fingerling size crappies. In 1948, Lake Conway was constructed and oriented by Palarm Creek. Celebrate birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and special events in restaurants with delicious dining facilities and parking areas.


Fishing /Nursery Ponds

The Lake’s fishing ponds are the state’s most favorite destination for excellent fishing including endless varieties of water creatures like bluegills, bream, largemouth bass, catfish, small sunfishes, and many more. You will enjoy an ultimate experience around the trees, lilies, piles, and stumps. There are millions of crappies in the ponds to know about the growth rate and behavior of the crappie.

Boating Ramps and Lanes

The Lake has several boat ramps to launch boats into the water. They charge no fee or a small fee for launching rental boats in lanes. The lanes are perfect for new and avid boaters with proper navigation systems under the water level to experience unlimited rides within the boating lane. Follow the safety caution given along the boating lane.

Lake Conway Beach

The Lake is magnificent with aquatic vegetation like water lilies and the region’s water creatures to explore from the beach area. The beach offers walking on sand, watching birds, and watching swimming of colorful fishes. Take a walk on beach trails while admiring the panoramic beauty of nature and the beautiful lake. Appreciate other boaters, kayakers, and swimmers.

Facts: – 

  1. Lake Conway has the deepest point at 16 feet below surface level with an average depth of 4.5 feet.
  2. It was opened in1952 by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.


Activities: – Lake Conway is the perfect destination for outdoor recreation seekers, boaters, and anglers in Arkansas. Get indulge in boating, swimming, kayaking, paddling, sightseeing, recreation events, and fishing in the lake. Launch the rental boats from boat ramps with an angle into the lake. The lake conserves water animals, offering opportunities for feeding them directly into the lake. Learn about the behavior diverse collection of colorful fishes and relax on the beach under sunlight with the soothing sound of water. The area offers many dining options, entertainment events, and shopping from gift stores.

What to Expect: – Lake Conway is a fantastic vocational destination with family and friends. You can enjoy dining, picnicking, and fishing throughout the lake. You can experience plenty of water sports like swimming, canoeing, paddling, boating, and feeding small fish species in the fishing ponds. You can see many public boat ramps that launch boats into the lake. Explore the geography of the lake and its ecosystem. You can learn some unique tricks of fishing to catch fish.


Plan your Visit: – Lake Conway is an all-year-round site for picnic and family outings, featuring numerous fishing ponds and boating ramps. Lake Conway is an ideal spot for water lovers to enjoy water activities and feeding water species. Catch the bass with your unique tricks!

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