Arnolds Park Amusement Park

Arnold Park Amusement Park in Okoboji, Iowa, USA, is a historic amusement park that spreads 20 acres of land and offers 23 rides on site. West Okoboji The park is surrounded by many landmarks such as a river cruise and a complete amusement park plus Go-karts and is also home to an ACE coaster. Full of entertainment and attractions, this park attracts 1.5 lakh people every year. Be sure to visit this historic park in Iowa along with the adventure.


Natural areas of Arnold Park Amusement park

Decide to visit this beautiful park in the lush green area of Iowa. It is quite enjoyable to stroll along the boardwalk and promenade in the lights at night. You will get a pleasant feeling by walking in the serene atmosphere of the natural environment on the banks of the beautiful lake here. With three stainless-steel sail sculptures and a large fountain depicting flowers, the 5500-square-foot plaza looks utterly beautiful. There are many things to do here not only in the park but throughout the region.

Events of amusement park

A favorite of tourists of all ages, the park hosts a variety of interactive concerts. Children, adults and old can enjoy the original slide here. Be sure to come here during the summer to attend the free concerts and fireworks at Preservation Plaza. Weekly concerts during the summer are performed by the Majestic Pavilion, a restored Roof Garden Ballroom, as part of the Restore the Park program.

Rollercoaster of the Park

 The world’s 13th oldest wooden roller coaster is the most popular ride here which offers smooth rides and more thrill. There is plenty to do inside the park to keep people of all ages entertained. Here you’ll also find rides to the raceway and a train ride. There are many riders on the new boardwalk with arches that are ready for guests at any time. Here you can also race on the raceway along with the thrill track.


  • Arnold Park was voted Best of the 15 Best Parks in the Midwest Region by Midwest Living magazine.
  • Arnold Park on the shores of Lake Okoboji, one of Iowa’s top tourist destinations, was established in the year eighteen ninety nine.

Activities:-With modern attractions like water wars and flume, this amusement park offers exciting and enjoyable rides for all. Enjoy a unique water experience in the lake areas. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and bays of Westlake Okoboji. Here you can see rare artifacts from the Sea Museum, a rare collection of antique wooden boats, retro ride parts, other souvenirs and signs. Here you can enjoy concerts every summer. Take a ride on the classic suite The Chute Log here on a cold winter day.

What to expect:-Come here for great views and thrill rides of Arnold Park. The tall vintage Ferris wheel takes you above the crowd and gives you spectacular views of the lake. Here you can see the glowing arches in the night sky that illuminate the sky. Enjoy hiking while looking at the trees and plants along the busy walkways along the lake. With an exciting track you can do your favorite things at Historic Arnold Park.

Plan to visit:-Make sure to visit this Arnold Park with your friends, kids and family to enjoy the beautiful view and setting of the park.The time to enter the park is from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. There is no fee to enter here. You can pay a day pass $30 for the ride in person. There are many activities for the whole family to do in and out of the park.

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